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Home 1.11 Details plus news on Game Spaces

Submitted by on Thursday, 26 February 20092 Comments

Welcome Home Keeping us all up to date on the Home Improvement front, Community Manager TedTheDog has popped up again like the proverbial news-bunny to give us all new information about what’s coming to Home this week, next week, the week after and … you get the idea.

Check after the jump for information that has a distinctive “Game Space” flavour to it.

First up we have the 1.11 update which we are assured is a minor patch and doesn’t introduce anything major to the Home experience.

If you noticed a crash when opening the list of game sessions available at the same time as launching one of the sessions, well – you won’t see that particular technical bugbear again as it’s been chased into the annals of the bug database.

For all you Watchmen fanatics out there (which should be all of you; seriously – get the graphic novel before seeing the film. It’s worth it.) you can expect to find two new complete outfits for those of you out there packin’ Y chromosomes while there will also be some unisex tshirts (one black, one white) also available. Hopefully that should appease the fairer sex (unlikely). All of this content is available from the Threads store though Ted is quick to add:

“Some of the items are not quite ready and will follow on as soon as they are.”

If Watchmen is not your scene, some other free and not-so-free clothing has also been inserted into your virtual closet (or will be there – as soon as you part with the real money for the fake clothes.)

In the coming soon list we have:

  • Street Fighter IV – unlockable content is already available in Home and is rewarded for winning online matches while (once gain, un-free) outfits will be available within a few weeks
  • There will be a slightly updated Home square which will probably debut on March 5th
  • The Uncharted Game Space is being “worked on” and should be with us within a few weeks
  • The SOCOM Space is “nearly ready” but Ted says a specific date hasn’t been determined. Expect it in a few weeks.
  • There’s new content coming for Sired: Blood Curse, Warhawk and Resident Evil 5
  • Ted assures us that “many titles” are preparing to support Game Launching but that he still can’t spill the beans on which just yet
  • And, as we’ve already spoken about before, yes they are looking into the ability for users to play their own music in Home but it’s “[…] an extremely complex licensing issue that will take time to solve, if it is at all possible.” They have been talking to other 3rd parties about making their music available in numerous ways however

What do you think? Is Home shaping up as somewhere you might actually be interested in hanging out? Or are you already a convert to the virtual landscape?