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Home: EU PlayStation Manager reveals what’s to come

Submitted by on Tuesday, 10 February 2009No Comment

ps3-home-e31European Home Manager TedTheDog has been on the EU PlayStation forums today giving information about Home and answering some people’s questions.

So what did he have to say for himself?

First of all he announced that the PlayStation short movie series, Shoot, will be coming to the Home theatre after the weekly maintenance from Thursday morning:

PlayStation® Shoot comes to Home this week with the addition of all six short films to the theatre. The videos are reasonably high quality and therefore the files are quite large and each will present a long download, but we thought you might find it interesting none the less.

Furthermore, he answered a question about video streaming:

Streaming video is something we obviously want to get in place and I’ll ask how its progressing. We’d also like to investigate, in conjunction with streaming, synchronised viewing, where multiple viewers can see the same bit of video at the same time. Thats quite a useful tool for launches and the like.

Anyway, streaming is required and will arrive in the future.

Another much needed feature that Home lacks is the ability to preview clothes items before you purchase them. Good news is that TedTheDog acknowledges this:

We quite agree, a preview option for clothes is required and its on the list to be done. No eta for it yet, but we know its important.

Finally there has been news spreading around the net about 24 companies that are reported to be permitted to put content onto the online service. Ted had this to say about it:

Looking at that list I think its worth pointing out that its SCEJ’s list, not SCEE’s, although ours is on a similar scale including some overlaps, its just not been published yet.

In addition, the Events Space for the EU region will go offline on Thursday. We hope this answers some of your queries or fulfils some of your suggestions for Home. Your best bet to get your voice heard is to use the official PlayStation forums for your region.