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Home Manager talks music playback in Home

Submitted by on Sunday, 22 February 2009One Comment

HomeTedTheDog, the European Home Manager, has given forum users details about the implementation of music playback and also picture frames.

Many people have requested video and music playback and even the possibility of putting their own pictures on their walls in the Home apartments.

Read on for just what possibilities might be available soon.

The obvious problem that the Home team face is moderation and copywright, however Ted details the possibilities:

We’re looking at just this. A means of allowing you to play your own music to just yourself within Home. If nothing else I guess the in-Game XMB music player would be better than nothing at all. However, we know music would be a very good thing.

As you say, playing music to others is broadcasting and a licensing minefield and will take far longer if its at all possible.

Picture frames were more a moderation concern but I believe we’ll be better able to deal with this issue in the future once certain tools are available to the moderators. Therefore that policy can be reviewed then.

We sure hope we get to listen to music while strolling through Home. In-Game XMB Music Playback sounds like a perfect method of doing so and Sony could disable voice chat to anyone while playing music through their PS3 to avoid any legal complications.