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New inFamous details; Sucker Punch Admit Coffee Dependency

Submitted by on Thursday, 12 February 2009No Comment

3271811315_6967cee623With the release of the latest video entitled “Powers” at the NYCC this week, we were kinda expecting more and more details to emerge about Sucker Punch’s inFamous as the week panned out.

We were not disappointed.

Speaking over at the PS Blog (again, we love you guys) Nate Fox from Sucker Punch speaks about new powers, giant robots and invisible Trash-men?

Check after the jump for the details.

Press people (like us, but alas, not us) eager to get some game time with the upcoming title finally got their hands on inFamous this week at the New York Comic Con. With this reveal in mind while conscious of the impending launch date and the high expectation level out there for the game, Nate confesses that the team are booking some serious hours at the studio at the moment to fine-tune everything that is need of polish.  How many hours? Nate admits that “the coffee machine never sleeps.”

We’ve experienced a similar sleep-deprived phenomena ourselves recently, so a heart-felt surge of empathy is currently winging its way from PS3 Attitude across the globe to the Sucker Punchers.

So, just what was that giant robot seen in the recent footage? Unlike our previous (and spurious) prediction, it was not in fact a cross between a Transformer and the Flame of Udûn but actually an example of just what the rulers of the Neon District are prepared to do in order to retain control of their neighbourhood.

Quoted as the “Dustmen Gang”, these nefarious mendicants possess the ability to blend in with their backgrounds through the use of trash as camouflage. And when the going gets tough, the homeless get metalised. Nate describes the robotic dispossessed as:

“Men outfitted in giant suits of torn metal and concrete, they crush police beneath their feet.”

Other new details include reference to a new Cole ability; that of Precision. Nate describes the new feat as the following:

“Precision allows Cole to slow down time and zoom in on enemies. Perfect for hitting unsuspecting enemies at a distance.”

More details of inFamous are promised “soon” and we have to admit that the anticipation is building here at PS3 Attitude. What started off as a “could be interesting” is quickly progressing into a frantic wish for June to get here – and to get here fast.