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Jack and Shadow to return in Dead To Rights: Retribution

Submitted by on Wednesday, 25 February 2009No Comment

deaddog1Volatile Games have announced today that, in partnership with NAMCO Bandai of America, a new Dead To Rights game featuring gritty super-sleuth Jack Slate and his ever ready canine companion Shadow is on its way for the PS3.

Gaining the subtitle of “Retribution”, the game features the crime-fighting duo fighting to “expose the shadowy underworld figures exerting their evil grip over the crumbling metropolis.”

Click on Shadow enjoying his nightly stroll above for more details.

The game promises to “innovate” with a new hybrid combat system consisting of 3rd person shooting, visceral hand-to-hand combat and an overhaul of Shadow’s “dog AI”.

The release also goes on to discuss some of the game’s virtues by stating:

[…] the immersive gameplay and storyline combined with beautifully imagined backdrops and scenarios pulls the player into Jack’s world as he investigates the threats facing the once great city. Jack will encounter a variety of ruthless gangs, each with their own fighting style, and all looking to destroy him and Grant City.

Sounds good to us. We always had a soft spot for Shadow. Admittedly, such soft spots were usually targeted by his inquisitive jaws as he attempted to bring us to justice. Damn we hate that dog.

[UPDATE] Eurogamer have some new screenshots of the game. Fetch!