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Killzone 2 Co-Op “under investigation” as DLC

Submitted by on Wednesday, 18 February 200915 Comments

Helghast - not known for their hospitalityThough Killzone 2 has been universally greeted by an overwhelmingly positive reception, that’s not to say that there are elements of the game that some people are prepared to stick their necks out about and call foul.

One such aspect of the game that some feel disappointed about for instance is the lack of a co-op mode.

But is co-op still a possibility in Killzone 2 sometime in the future? The answer is yes.

Find out more after the jump.

In an article entitled “Killzone 2 is Who We Are” over at the official PlayStation site, Guerrilla Games talks everything Killzone and highlights the fact that the graphical fidelity sought for the multi-player aspect of the game was “very very difficult.” And not without its price.

Angie Smets, Senior Producer, says:

While this meant sacrificing split screen gameplay, there may be some co-operative modes on the horizon to keep the excitement going. “We’re investigating [co-op] now for downloadable content,” she smiles. “We’re looking at what would be the nicest possible things for downloadable content. We’ve already started on maps… we’re not allowed to talk about anything else unfortunately!”

No doubt this DLC will not be free which leads to the obvious question:  should we really have to pay for a mode that is becoming the de facto in other such games?

Our opinion is that Killzone 2 is so good (and deep) that we’d be happy to pay a nominal fee in the future if it meant returning to Helghan – this time with a buddy in tow. It’s not like the single-player and extensive multi-player modes are terse and would leave you feeling short-changed.

More about this DLC as it emerges.