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Killzone 2 multi-player servers to be switched on this Wednesday

Submitted by on Monday, 23 February 20092 Comments

See you WednesdayWith the EU release literally only a couple of days away, a lot of people are wondering just when the Killzone 2 online servers will be powered up; heralding the beginning of our ravenous search for online glory (and badges).

Well, in a message received from KillzoneDotCom, we’ve learnt that the online servers will in fact be up to coincide with the European release this Wednesday.

If that’s not enough, the website has also got some updates as well.

Read on for details.

The exact timing is to be determined but we’ve been assured that everything will be ready on Wednesday, a full two days before the UK and NA release. Hopefully this will give the guys at Guerrilla some time to address any possible overload issues after they’ve flicked the switch. Considering Killzone 2 is the biggest PS3 game of the year so far we’re expecting the servers to come under some serious load during the game’s initial release.

Keeping in the theme of updates, KillzoneDotCom has also informed us that the Killzone 2 website has received a fresh coat of Helghan paint (we’re thinking green, gray and orange).

We’re not 100% sure of what’s new so check it out for yourself and come back here to educate us in the comments section.