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Look at Trophies on the go with PS3 Trophy Guide

Submitted by on Friday, 27 February 2009One Comment

ipod-touch1By now, there are millions of you out there who own either an iPhone or iPod Touch. Browsing the App Store today, we came across a new one called PS3 Trophy Guide. With this App, you are able to view all available and upcoming trophies for your favorite games.

Want to see what it takes to get the gold in Resident Evil 5? They’ve got it. We downloaded the App and tested its wheels. Let’s find out how it runs…

We’d like to point out that this App comes free of charge from the lovely folks over at UIEvolution, Inc. Booting up PS3 Trophy Guide brings you to the main page where you can navigate through all PS3 games with trophy support. They are arranged by Retail, PSN, Japanese, and Upcoming; just as you would find on any site. Taping on any of the icons brings you to an alphabetical list of all the titles, complete with box art. Click on a game and you’re shown all the trophies available. From there, you can find out details on either the game or tap a specific trophy to see its requirements.

After looking around a bit, it’s a nifty little App to have, especially for trophy whores such as ourselves. The menus are easy to navigate and everything looks superb. It’s nice to see all the box art and pics of the individual trophies as well. Some of the games even have links to their official sites and trailers. There could definitely be a few upgrades though. Instead of having to click on each trophy, it should say its requirements right under the name. That’s just an additional step that really is unnecessary. A few games are out of place too. We don’t believe Wipeout HD is a retail game.

Still, PS3 Trophy Guide is a decent App and for free, it’s a no brainer whether to download or not. We can see a lot of potential for this in the future. Perhaps linking with your personal PSN trophy account if Sony ever makes that become available. We enjoy having the ability to look at whatever trophy whenever we want and so should you. Go ahead and download the App and let us know what you think in the comments.