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Mirror’s Edge Pure Pack is Pure Fun

Submitted by on Wednesday, 25 February 20094 Comments

medlcSick and tired of free running though the city? Well then perhaps the latest downloadable content for Mirror’s Edge will peek your interest.

After a small delay in February, we finally have the aptly named Pure Time Trial Map. It features 9 fast paced courses that will test all of your skills and speed. These courses are just as visually beautiful as the game. With vibrant colors, all courses float above the deep blue sea so you better watch your step…

With Chroma’s U-turn like layout, you’ll be performing many ducks, slides, and vaults. The brightly painted red blocks guide you to your next checkpoint. If you plan to 3-star this race, be sure to practice your up and overs.

Like the name suggests, chaining the right moves at the right moment is the key to getting that perfect flow. The race is like you are running on the back of a flying purple dragon, filled with long ramps and plenty of wall runs.
For those of you who don’t know, Razzmatazz is similar to razzle-dazzle which is a complex and flashy maneuver. Just perfect for the world of Mirror’s Edge. This map actually introduces a new concept to the game as, near the end of the course, the floor comes alive as you must hop over a constant moving blue line. Touch this line and you slip and fall, losing precious seconds off your final time.

Speed is the name of the game for this one. Of course, you’ll want to go the fastest you can for all the courses but Velocity is the quickest of all the Pure Pack maps. You’ll want to do everything you can to keep your momentum up.

This course is a bunch of random size boxes turned into your playground. Springboards fill the level so plan to get some air on this one. You’ll definitely want to take the high road if you want to shoot for the top time.

Actino & Actino Rise-
These two are by far the funnest courses in the pack. This map is so big, they split it into two courses, one taking you around the exterior and the other taking you up the giant monolith in the center. The best part of all? The leap of faith from the top at the end.
Reflex & Reflex Redux-
Just as the Actino courses, this one is split into two as well. What sets these apart is the pure frustration you will receive while playing them. Save the best for last they always say. How about the most difficult? If the sharp angles at which you must jump don’t get you, the clear glass panels probably will.

This course is exclusive to the PS3 and available to everyone, regardless if you bought the Pure Pack or not. This is a potpourri of jumps, slides, wall runs and all the crazy moves Faith can pull off. If you enjoy this one, then you’re sure to love the rest of the pack.

Whether you’re shooting for that top time or just goofing around and exploring, the Pure pack is definitely something Mirror’s Edge enthusiasts will want to get their hands on.  It would have been nice to see some alternate routes on other courses aside from Actino and Reflex but at least there were those two. And hey, we can’t complain about the extra trophies up for grabs. For those of you who have put Mirror’s Edge aside, now’s a good time to pick it back up.