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MLB 09: The Sounds Of The Show

Submitted by on Sunday, 8 February 2009No Comment

MLB 09 The Show Screenshot Sounds4 by PlayStation.Blog.jpgToday we get to know more about our personal favorite feature of MLB 09: The Show; what they have lovingly called The Sounds Of The Show.  Find out how to add your favorite chants, your most irate yells, or how to add that hot new Ricky Martin song as your player’s home run celebration.  Yeah, you can do that now.

Creating your custom chants and yells is very easy, just head to the User Recorder section and go nuts.  Any USB microphone or Bluetooth Headset will do the job; including the PS Eye and Rock Band microphone among others.  Hit the button and record!  You can then add your chants (cheers) when your player is at home, or yells (jeers) if he is playing an away game.  There is a lot of fun to be had with this feature alone, we have come up with some ideas we can’t wait to implement.

As far as music goes we have a very vast improvement over last year’s ‘Show’.  In MLB 08 we were able to add our own custom soundtracks to the in-game playlist; this year we get to add our own music to players’ batter walk ups, home run celebrations, and relief pitcher entrances.  We can even choose which part of the song to use thanks to the in-game Music Editor. It lets you add three marker points to each song so you can pick where exactly the music starts.

You can add all your created chants, yells, and songs to any player via the Personalize tab in the Edit Player or Create Player screen.  Imagine the possibilities.  What song will you give your star batter?  What jeer will you give your most hated pitcher?  Let us know your ideas, we’ll share ours.

Enjoy the updated gallery below.  As always the first screens are brand new, the rest not so much.