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More Home details from PlayStation.Blog

Submitted by on Tuesday, 10 February 20094 Comments

3269117131_77e3bb109eThe amount of Home news today keeps growing, this time from the Official PlayStation Blog. 

Along with confirming the previous Home details we heard already, US Home Manager CydoniaX gave updated details on some of the features Sony have planned for Home:
For a start he promises more furniture and the launch of the Warhawk and SOCOM space, and the just announced ‘Gamer’s Lounge’:

This will be another hang-out space for the community to mix and mingle, just like you would at a real lounge.

He goes on to say:

We will also hold special events here such as developer talks and parties. Along with the spaces, you can bet you’ll find even more impromptu promotions and giveaways taking place.

And as for the ninjas …. On February 12th, sweet ninja outfits will be available for purchase at the Mall to dress your PlayStation Home avatar up in. Yeah, ninja outfits! And to celebrate their arrival, we’re holding a contest: On February 13th, we’ll be holding an event called “I Love Ninjas.” The first instance of the brand-new community-named Home hang-out space, the Gamer’s Lounge, to be completely filled with people in ninja costumes (or a reasonable facsimile using all-black clothing items in your inventory) that we see will win vouchers for SOCOM and Warhawk to celebrate the upcoming spaces.

Lastly many US PlayStation Home fans have been asking the have a new Home Theatre, the same one as the European one for example. Well he also had something to say about that too:

We are working on getting the 10-screen  theater over here, but WITH the interactive rooms, not just video screens. We’re also working on getting really awesome content for its launch!

I like the sound of that! I hope everyone around the world will also get treated to all the above spaces and features announced .