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SEGA announce new Aliens Vs. Predator

Submitted by on Wednesday, 11 February 20094 Comments

Alien-V s PredatorAs we mentioned in our (ever growing) Games Database, you wait all this time for an alien to come by and then, all of a sudden, a bunch of them appear out of the blue.

SEGA and 20th Century Fox have announced today that yet another game based on the popular xenomorphs is coming our way.

And this time, they’re bringing a friend who just so happens to be in town with a few days to kill.

Check after the jump for some more bug-huntin’ details.

With Aliens: Colonial Marines and the nebulously detailed Aliens: RPG already in development, SEGA appears to have completed the proverbial Alien Hat-Trickâ„¢ . The new AVP will be developed by UK-based stalwarts of the franchise Rebellion and is currently scheduled for an early 2010 release. How will this affect the other aforementioned Aliens games’ schedules?

Naoya Tsurumi, CEO of SEGA West, explains:

“The innovative new AvP game presents an exciting opportunity for us. It represents a fantastic addition to our growing Aliens franchise and the reinvention of one of gaming’s most cherished iconic titles. By adjusting the release of our other Aliens titles to accommodate it, SEGA will ensure that every title lives up to the high expectations of Aliens and AvP fans.”

Sages of retro-gaming will no doubt remember just how fun the original AVP game was back in 1994. Are you looking forward to a PS3 edition? Let us know in the comments.