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New God of War III Trailer Destroys Everything. Ever.

Submitted by on Friday, 13 February 20094 Comments

god of war iii New God of War III Trailer Destroys Everything. Ever.We’re rarely left speechless here at PS3 Attitude, especially when it comes to this particular writer (and OK, Danny – we couldn’t shut him up if we wanted to) but, well … where to start?

Perhaps with the facts:

There’s a new God of War III trailer and you really need to see it. In fact, in a rare display of humility, stop reading this and watch it right now.

Potential cardiac arrest is just a click away …

You’re back? Great.

Popping up on Eurogamer TV (and now everywhere) the three minute (that’s right, we said minutes) of in-game footage shows Kratos literally laying waste to beasts and nasties akimbo. It’s epic, it’s brutal, it’s like dipping your eyeballs into a vat full of angels having sex*.

The sceptics of you out there might be thinking exactly what crossed our minds when we first clapped eyes on this object of beauty: can this really be all in-game footage? Well, for the naysayers, a SCEA representative has already contacted the MTV Gaming blog to let them know that the new footage is indeed real-time gameplay.

Now, excuse us while we go watch it again. And again … and again …

*Sorry, we completely lost the run of ourselves there. Blame the trailer.