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Home has a new Extension built

Submitted by on Sunday, 1 February 2009One Comment

playstation-home-logoHaving not been on Home in a while following the crazyness that was the launch, we figured we’d drop by and see how the place was holding up. And what did we find? That there a few new spaces to explore. FarCry 2 now has its EU space up and running, and there is even a new ‘Events’ space.

But what is in this new ‘Events’ Space? Click through for all the details…

The Events space is available from the Locations menu, under ‘World’. If you go there, take your earplugs; there’s a PSP ad on full tilt, and the music is truly awful. But, at the back of the space is an archway with a walkway up to another new space called The Gallery.

If you head into the gallery, and go all the way to the far corner, there are handprint pads all over the wall.What for?

Turns out there is a competition going on to find hidden codes in and around this new location. If you put the codes into the entry form via the hand scanner things, you can win a PSP3000 along with some new Home items.

We’ve found three already. They sure are well-hidden.

Let us know how you get on in the comments…