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Noby Noby Boy is the most viral PS3 game yet

Submitted by on Friday, 20 February 200912 Comments

noby-noby-boyWe feel quite close to Noby Noby Boy here at PS3 Attitude. Catching our first glance of what Takahashi-san had up his creative sleeve back in October 2007, we’ve been intrigued ever since.

Now that Noby Noby Boy has been unleashed on the unsuspecting public, what will draw people to want to try out Keita Takahashi’s community playground?

Viral marketing – that’s what.

Take a look at the video above. Like Pixeljunk Eden before it, Noby Noby Boy allows you to upload your own videos direct to YouTube.

Interestingly, these videos have community annotations made available as standard. You can go ahead and add whatever annotations you want to the video, making even the output from the game interactive and ‘mob ready’.

Within the game itself, you can write on your BOY any message up to 32 characters. The rather lengthy Terms and Conditions that you need to read state that if you upload a video you can’t use words that personally identify you, but since isn’t a person we guessed that was allowable!

This message can then be sent to your friends via the PSN. If they buy Noby Noby Boy and read the message, it will be written on their BOY.

Of course, they can’t use this game data unless they buy the game. Strike two for viral marketing.

Noby Noby Boy is an intriguing title. It is not much more than a virtual playground (and a fun one at that) but, at the same time, the community that play it are ensuring it continues to develop.

You see, each time you ‘stretch’ your character the number of meters you have grown to is added to a tally. You can then upload that distance to the GIRL character, who grows with every upload from every player.

GIRL is trying to reach every planet in the solar system, starting from Earth and going outwards by distance. Once she does reach every planet in our solar system, she will start to reach out to other galaxies. It will be intriguing to see if Pluto is included; after all, the Moon is the first milestone and that’s just a big rock!

The collective distance stretched by every player counts towards GIRL’s total. As of last night, we noticed that GIRL was over 21.5 million meters in size. She needs to be about 310 million to reach the closest point of the Moon.

We suspect that once you reach the Moon, you can visit Moon-based levels. The same will happen as we collectively reach other planets.

Strike three for viral marketing. Word of mouth will ensure that more people pick up Noby Noby Boy because as more do, the more likely it is that every player will benefit. It is in your interest to tell you friends about it.

We’re doing our bit for the word of mouth crew – how about you?

Here’s the first movie we recorded inside the game for extra ‘what the heck’ viewing pleasure…