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Noby Noby Boy Priced in Europe and UK

Submitted by on Tuesday, 17 February 20092 Comments

Noby Our friends over at Eurogamer, not content with announcing the Euro price of €3.99 back in December, have revealed today that Konami have also stapled the enticing bounty of a mere £3.29 to the head of Mr. Noby.

Good news for those who settle their debts (both private and public) with the Queen’s head staring back at them*.

Check after the stretchy jump for more Noby details.

Takahashi-san doesn’t know what it is or why he created it. We don’t know what the parrot is about and yet we’re strangely attracted to the prospect of unlocking the solar system, stretching as we go. And now an amazingly frugal price.

We’re you on the fence regarding Noby Noby Boy? Does the pound-stretching** price above tip you over on to the side of being a purchaser this Thursday?

Let us know via telepathy. Failing that, use the comment section.

*OK, thanks for the reminder that the Queen doesn’t just appear on UK sterling. As soon as we get the prices for the other 32 currencies she graces we’ll update this post. (Never going to happen!)

**Sorry about that.