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PS3 Attitude’s Most Wanted Games of 2009

Submitted by on Monday, 2 February 20099 Comments

most-wanted300There is one benefit of researching 222 games for a Games of the Year feature – you really do get a great insight into what the next twelve months is going to look like from a games perspective.

This almost prophetic glimpse into the Days of Gaming Future, stirring up anticipation for games that were possibly forgotten about or we were initially unaware of, has also spurned a lot of discussion here at PS3 Attitude. What are the trends in terms of genre? Which regions are getting left out (*cough* Europe *cough*) and how is Sony spacing its big hitters over the calendar year?

All this became evident when the full list of games were presented and mulled over. So, with the four parts of our Games of 2009 feature now published, it was time to usher the gang together and pour over which games on this list were really invoking feelings of angst-ridden expectancy; the games we officially can not wait for.

Check after the jump for the results.

The process was simple enough. Each writer here at PS3 Attitude has rated every one of the 222 games on the list with a mark that reflects just how many family members they’re willing to disown in order to get their hands on the game in question earlier than everyone else. We then fed these numbers into our AI neural network (also known as Excel), which then spat back (literally) the results of PS3 Attitude’s Top 10 Most Wanted Games of 2009.

Without further ado. In ascending order:


#10 – Fat Princess

It’s testament to the ingenuity and success of the PSN that a game like Fat Princess has featured so highly on our Most Wanted list. Gran Turismo 5, Final Fantasy XIII, I Am Alive; all big titles peppered throughout our top 20 but beaten to the punch by a small indie PSN-only title featuring a fat lass that needs to be carried everywhere. There’s something about the premise of Fat Princess that we just adore. The game-play looks infectious and the kitschy graphics are right up our street. Fat Princess hits soon on the PSN and you can rest assured that we will all be engorging on it like the delectable cake seen to be stuffed into the titular character’s face.

bge2_thumb#9 – Beyond Good and Evil 2

We’re suckers for good plot, fresh game-play and good ole fashioned anthropomorphism. Michel Ancel’s first BG&E game was met with critical acclaim and went on to become a cult classic that, though everyone seemed to want to talk about, few actually went out and bought. And herein lies the spanner in the works. The first game’s sales were poor no matter how you spin it (new IP, from the creator of Rayman, French!, whatever). News of a sequel sparked rumours that designer Ancel would have to compromise his vision, make the game more enticing to casual gamers and basically butcher his very personal and stylised take on gaming in general. If what we’ve heard from Ubisoft is true, these early rumours appear to be unfounded and Ancel has retained free reign to do whatever he pleases. In terms of our own anticipation as a collective, this game has somewhat polarised the group. Without naming names, one writer gave it a 5/10 on the “Want-o-meter”. Obviously the brace of 10s from the others realigned the average somewhat and hence allowed it to creep in to the top 10, but these varying scores is probably reflective to how the market out there sees BG&E2. Some want it badly, others could really do without it. If you’re interested (of course you are), this game (and Fat Princess) beat out both L.A. Noire and a little known indie title called Final Fantasy XIII Versus (yes, we want the darker and PS3 exclusive FFXIII more than the vanilla version) by a fraction. Both aforementioned games were tied for 11th on our list.

Bioshock 2#8 – BioShock 2: Sea of Dreams

When BioShock came out and started picking up a bunch of Best Of awards, most PS3 fans were quite open about their flagrant envy and burning desire to play the aquatic masterpiece. When we got the chance in 2008, it didn’t disappoint; so there’s little shock that its sequel makes our Most Wanted list. The teaser trailer showing a grown-up little sister and the new sub-title of “Sea of Dreams” (unlocked by completing the PS3 version by the way) sent shivers down our spines. There are still some questions surrounding 2K Games’ sequel like: will it be released across all platforms simultaneously? How will things change (if at all) now that 2K Marin are handling the sequel completely, leaving 2K Boston to focus on a new IP? Irrespective of the answers to these frantic queries, we know one thing: we can’t wait to get back to Rapture.

Ratchet#7 – Ratchet & Clank Future Sequel

They promised to be back so we dutifully put them on our Most Wanted list. It was only fair. After the unadulterated fun of Tools of Destruction and the sublime revisit to the universe with Quest for Booty, the lombax and robotic duo have earned a special place in the heart of PS3 Attitude. It scored highly amongst us all (probably because of the welcomed respite it will undoubtedly give us from all the Helghast and zombie killing this year) and MeEdic even gave it top marks in terms of anticipation. The new game will be out this Fall, and though we’re not sure if it will be a full retail or PSN add-on title, either way, we’re stoked to get our hands on it.

team-ico1_cr1#6 – Team Ico Project

It’s amazing to think that Team Ico’s next game is likely to appear this year and yet we know next to nothing about it. It’s not surprising to note that, irrespective of this lack of knowledge on our behalf, we’re eagerly awaiting it. Ueda-san and his “Olympic Team” are the vanguards of creative gaming. Ico’s simplistic design and total immersion was a game that many missed, but for those of us who basked in its story and brilliant presentation, we know just what Ueda-san is capable of. As if we needed more proof, the Japanese auteur followed up Ico with Shadow of the Colossus, a game that still remains as one of the greatest ever to appear on the PS2. It’s hard to quantify why we want Team Ico’s next project so much. After all, there are so many other games that didn’t make this list but at least had something to entice us with other than the simple fact that the studio involved had a good pedigree. Call it intuition. Call if faith. Call it whatever you want. We know what we want – and that’s more from Team Ico.

thumb_re51#5 – Resident Evil 5

Another big hitter and surely destined to fly off the shelves. Capcom’s next zombie outing hits in March and each and every one of the writers here at PS3 Attitude are big enough fans of past Resi Evils to rate the fifth iteration fairly highly in terms of anticipation. Would it be this high in the list if we did our scoring after the recent news relating to the “shoot or run” revelations? It’s hard to tell. Early impressions of the game seem to suggest that this is not the RE we’ve been waiting for and might even be a step back from the glories of RE4. Of course, making such baseless suggestions just makes us want it more so we can make up our own minds.

God of War III #4 – God of War III

Though recent news suggests we’ll be seeing Kratos sometime in March 2010, and this being a list of Most Wanted Games of 2009, we’re going to let it slide. Why? Well, we want God of War III so much that we’re currently in denial that it could slip into next year. God of War III is going to be massive. It’s going to sell consoles and it’s going to astound people. As the PS3 gains speed and developers figure out how to get more and more out of its complex array of SPUs etc., games like God of War III will be the result of all their hard work. We’re not total fanboy zealots of course. We’re still waiting for a piece of footage that floors us and we still have a modicum of reservation about just how this game will play. Sure, it has been quoted as the “Best looking game – ever” but graphics will only get you so far. These questions, and the fact that there is still a way to go in the game’s development cycle, are some reasons why the game probably didn’t make it into the top three. But it’s looking good folks. God of War III could be the biggest thing we’ve seen so far for the PS3.

thumb_heavyrain1#3 – Heavy Rain

It looks unbelievable. It’s mature, inventive and shamelessly daring. It’s also likely to cause a complete schism in the gaming community; adored by some and abhorred by many. It could feature on those “Biggest Flops of 2009” lists you’ll be reading around Christmas time just as likely as it could usher in a new age of adult gaming. Many have criticised the QTE format shown and derided how it’s not so much a game in the traditional sense but an interactive experience. But while naysayers and opposing fanboys will use it to fuel their narrow partisan mindset (irrespective of how successful it is) the game is so eagerly anticipated around these halls for the simple fact that we embrace diversity. We want to be amazed. We want Heavy Rain.

Killzone 2 #2 – Killzone 2

What can we say about Killzone 2 that hasn’t already been said? We’ve played it (though we weren’t allowed talk about it), we’ve read all the reviews (even the stupid ones), we’ve watched it from its nascent and lauded explosion on the scene through its long protracted development life-cycle and all the way up to its fervently anticipated release. It’s the biggest game for Sony in Q1. It might be one of the biggest games for Sony in 2009. If we’re to believe the talk on the street, this game will finally see those who have been waiting for the proverbial “killer-app” finally purchase a PS3 so not to miss out. You shouldn’t miss out on this one either and, rest assured, neither will we.

uncharted2_cr1#1 – Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Awe. It’s the only word we can think of to express how we feel about Uncharted as a game, as a series, or simply as an experience. Uncharted was one of the best games of 2008, and understandably, we absolutely adored it. If it was pipped to the post by anything last year, it was probably because 2008 was such a stellar year for the PS3 (and, technically, Uncharted came out in 2007). The arrival of Drake symbolised the return to form of a genre that many of us grew up with and revelled in as kids. This concept of adventure, action and a genuine affection for, not just the lead character, but the entire cast has been in short supply of late, but with Drake, we can honestly say that adventure has been reborn. In a nut-shell, Uncharted was pure fun. It wasn’t profound. It didn’t redefine a genre (though it may have perfected one). It didn’t set out to shatter any of the axioms of gaming. Its objective was clear and audacious: proffer a rip-roaring tale of high-adventure while dragging us into a world that we truly care about and featuring a man that we genuinely like. Nathan Drake is a super-star, and the only thing that excites us more about how good Uncharted was, is just how great Uncharted 2 is going to be. Are there any doubts in our minds that the guys from Naughty Dog might slip up and give us anything less than an empyreal, visually striking and engrossing new Nathan Drake adventure this Winter? No. Not a shred. And that’s why it makes the top of our list.

That’s it folks. Our Top 10 games that we, democratically, want this year the most.

We also decided to do something a little different that we thought you might enjoy. Considering we’re big fans of the indie scene here at PS3 Attitude, we decided to exclude all the “big hitting, hyped to the moon” games out of our list and present an alternative look at the “smaller” games that we’re also eagerly anticipating this year.

You can argue what’s a “big game” and what’s not, but we had to start somewhere. Hence, these are the top 10 games we want, once again in ascending order, that are not likely to feature on the cover of a magazine, or on the side of a bus, or saturate the media with copious amounts of screenshots.

These are our Most Wanted Alternative Games of 2009

WET#10  -  WET
Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby! Acrobatic murder-play with a protagonist that looks likely to inject a much needed genre-revitalising jolt into the arm of female lead characters in gaming everywhere. We want it. Badly.

Batman#9  -  Batman: Arkham Asylum
Let’s face it: most Batman games are pants. This one looks likely to buck that tarnished path with some impressive visuals and a focus on detective skills. As gamers we’ve been crying out for an awesome Dark Knight game. This may just be it.

Hydrophobia#8 -  Hydrophobia
Ever since the guys from Blade Interactive shared with us some concept art and screenshots from the upcoming watery actioner we’ve been hooked. With an emphasis on story and a cover system that’s been described as one of the most complex in gaming history, we can’t wait to get our hands on Kate as she goes up against the Malthusians.

Flock!#7  – Flock!
Proper Games’ Flock! caught our eye a few months ago with its fun looking game-play and quirky sense of humour. Any game that has a home-base called “The Mother Flocker” gets a vote in our book. Flock! will be out soon and all of us here at PS3 Attitude are predicting that multiple hours of our time will be lost herding and bouncing sheep off anything we can get our hands on. And then we’ll actually go and pick up the game …

Flower#6 – Flower
The recent video over at the PS Blog with Jenova (still not Sephiroth’s mother) Chen only compounded our desire for this venturous, genre-splitting and technically impressive game. We can’t wait to explore Flower as a breath of wind, witness those 200,000 blades of grass swaying in synchronicity and chilling out in the comfort of our own living rooms. Gamers sometimes get a bad rap for being anti-social, violent and unbalanced people. Unfortunately we can’t see the media honing in on the fact that we want this relaxing and beautiful game above many other titles that involve killing something but, how and ever, Flower continues to support the concept that gamers are an inventive and intelligent bunch of people. (Who like killing things)

Noby Noby Boy#5 -  Noby Noby Boy
Oh Keita, how you baffle us. Takahashi-san has built up a reputation for being reclusive, avant-garde and someone who literally sees things beyond the normal field of gaming vision. Katamari Damacy, on paper, sounds a bit like something a game designer would concoct after a night of heavy drinking and a visit from God. In reality, it was an addictive, rollicking and ingenious specimen of pure game-play. Noby Noby Boy will be with us shortly and sees players stretching the protagonist “BOY” around the world as he consumes everything in his path. The bizarreness doesn’t end there however as the culmination of players’ stretching and consumption becomes “GIRL”, a separate entity who stretches into the stars to (eventually) unlock new environments like the moon and even new planets for all players to experience.

Bayonetta#4 – Bayonetta

PlatinumGames’ Bayonetta was already high on our interest radar considering Devil May Cry creator Hideki Kamiya’s pedigree and the fact that the lead character blows heads off angels with guns on her feet. When the recent news appeared that Bayonetta is visually outstanding, our interest officially went through the roof. Bayonetta is hardly an indie game considering Kamiya-san’s past and SEGA as publisher, but we like to think that, currently, it is still a game that has not boarded the hype train. At least not yet.

pixel_junk_crown#3  – Pixel Junk PSN Game 1

Another case of “The Ico Factor”, we rate the previous games from Q-Games so highly that we’ve placed both of their upcoming PSN titles near the top of our alternative list. We’re pretty sure that the previously announced PixelJunk Dungeons will not hit first this year but, no matter what the guys over in Kyoto have in the works, we’re eagerly anticipating whatever they have in development right now.

Pixel Junk#2    Pixel Junk PSN Game 2

See above. It’s a testament to Q-Games that after Racers, Eden and the totally addictive Monsters, as a studio, they are under our constant watch and have scored so highly in this Alternative list.

Fat Princess#1 – Fat Princess

Well, if she snuck into the overall Top 10, there’s no surprise to see the rotund royal topping our Most Wanted un-hyped list now is there?

That’s it folks – the games of 2009 that we want the most. Let us know what you think about our selection in the comments. Were there some egregious omissions that you feel we didn’t rate highly enough?  Baffled how a particular game above managed to feature in our list at all? Want to know what game has the indignation of officially being the least anticipated game of 2009 here at PS3 Attitude? Let your voice be known.