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SOCOM Latency Issues To Be Fixed “Soon”

Submitted by on Tuesday, 17 February 2009No Comment

I'm coming for you! As long as you're not in a different time zone!Apparently there’s a game called “SOCOM: Confrontation” that some of you kids are playing. We wouldn’t know of course though maybe we’ll be better informed next month.

When we say “play” here, we really should have said “play until the lag gets so bad that you give up.” Well, the SOCOM boys are all over the issues and want you to know that a fix is coming.

Read on for more details.

Speaking over at the SOCOM blog (where else?) the Confrontation team explain that the recent latency (which is a nice term for lag) issues were due to a glitch where some Medley games for North American players were being created on Japanese and Asian servers – and vice versa. Considering you’re in North America and sending bullets to Japan to shoot someone who’s playing down the road from you, no wonder it was taking minutes for your sniper-bitchin’ bullet to find its target.

Makes sense to us. What is somewhat strange however is the admission of how this problem was made even worse when “the number of North American hosted servers was reduced.”

We don’t know why servers would be reduced for a popular game but it should be noted that, since February 15th, the lost servers were returned to the farm in North America. Though this action has mitigated the problem, it is not a panacea for the lag issues that have become a byword for this gen’s SOCOM experience. We are assured however that the server team are “working on a fix for the root problem as quickly as possible and we hope to have something rolled out soon.”

How has your SOCOM experience been so far? Are us Europeans in for a treat when the game finally appears on our neglected shores next month? Or are we just going to completely bork the servers even more?

Let us know in the comments.