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Sony Go Number Crazy; reveal 20 million PSN accounts worldwide

Submitted by on Wednesday, 25 February 2009No Comment

20 MILLLLIIIION!We have a love/hate relationship with statistics.

On one hand, there’s nothing we enjoy more than pouring over numbers and graphs that promise to unlock the arcane mysteries of the universe. Alternatively, we’re pretty sure that 65% of all statistics are made up. Or wrong. Or both.

Sony, seemingly overcome by a sudden paroxysm of numerical fixation, have decided to release a veritable number-storm of details outlining just where the PlayStation brand is at the moment in terms of penetration and performance.

If numbers are your bag, check after the jump for Sony’s State of the PlayStation address.

There are so many numbers here that you’re going to have to excuse us as we go Bullet Timeâ„¢

  • First up. The big one. Since its activation on November 11th 2006, there are now 20 million registered PSN accounts. Don’t forget, this includes the PSP and online accounts.
  • The PSN hit the following milestones along its perpetually firmware updating journey: 5 million in 1 year and 2 months, 10 million in 1 year and 8 months and the aforementioned 20 million in 2 years and 3 months. That’s about 2,500 new accounts per DAY. Impressive.
  • Between the PS3 and the PSP there are 70 million sell-in units that can access the PSN.
  • The PSN is available in 55 countries.
  • The PS3 has more than 600 titles with “online features”.
  • The PlayStation Store has more than 14,500 pieces of digital content available.
  • More than 1,400 movies and 4,400 TV episodes are available through the Video Delivery Service (US only)
  • More than 380 million pieces of content have been downloaded, with total sales exceeding 180 million US dollars
  • Home time. In just under two months, over 4 million users have logged in to Home.
  • Life with PlayStation now has 2.6 million users.

At this point in the presentation we should highlight the obvious. Though 20 million PSN accounts is to be applauded, we all know that this is not a true reflection of the number of active PS3 enabled PSN users. Apart from the obvious PSP users that need to be taken into account, there is the much documented practice of people creating multiple accounts; one for each of the main regions and then others for “private gaming” and the like.

How widespread this practice has become is hard to quantify but, that said, it should be recognised that if you’re reading this – you’re probably a gamer of a more hardcore volition. A large proportion of PS3 owners out there literally only have one account so your revelation of “Everyone I know has 10 accounts!”, remember: most gamers you know are probably similar to you in terms of “addiction”.

Taking all this into perspective we now compare this data with the recent information from Microsoft that 56% of their online users are paying for the ability to game online (the Gold subscription).

More stats now as we attempt to gauge just how much Sony’s free online aspect counters Microsoft’s lead in terms of user-base. With 28 million 360s sold, and 17 million online, the above percentage suggests a number just shy of 10 million online people fragging each other senseless. If we make a wild assumption that half the number of PS3 users’ PSN accounts are duplicates – it looks like things are fairly even in terms of both camps’ users engaging in online gaming.

The fact is however: we can’t really make such a baseless supposition regarding the PSN duplicate phenomenon as no one really has a clue how far the duplicate account practice goes so, when it comes to the “Who has the bigger online install base” question – it’s always going to be apples and oranges.

Just to note: we don’t normally talk about the “opposition” here at PS3 Attitude purely because we’re honestly not interested in the bravado that comes with trying to overshadow your competition with fancy sales figures. We just thought you might like to see that, in the grand scale of things, the PS3 is performing quite well in terms of its own projections, and also compared to its closest rival.