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Sony Super Shuffle; Stringer becomes president

Submitted by on Friday, 27 February 20093 Comments

sir_howard_stringerSony have announced a number of upper-management changes today that include Sir Howard Stringer taking over as President of the company.

In addition, Sony have announced two new business groups, one of which sees the gaming division merge with the Vaio PC division. This new group is to be headed up by Kaz Hirai, whilst the second group will look after consumer electronics such as TVs and cameras.

The move gives Stringer more control and influence over Sony as a whole, with current president Ryoji Chubachi stepping down from the role to become vice chairman. Chubachi remains a member of the board.

“‬This reorganisation is designed to transform Sony into a more innovative,‭ ‬integrated and agile global company with its next generation‭ ‬of leadership firmly in place. The changes we’re announcing today will accelerate the transformation of the company that began four years ago. ‬They will now make it possible for all of Sony’s parts to work together to assume a position of worldwide leadership and,‭ ‬together,‭ ‬achieve great things.‭” – Sir Howard Stringer