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Street Fighter IV: The Sales Frenzy

Submitted by on Tuesday, 24 February 2009One Comment

street_fighterDid you get Street Fighter IV? A few of us here did, and what a great game it is! It seems that the long wait has been worth it, too. Capcom recently sent us an email to give us a heads-up on the shipped numbers, which was nice of them.

But it is only when you think about these numbers and combine them with some watercolours, squid ink, cashmere and shampoo that you really start to get a better idea of what is going on in terms of sales figures across the two platforms.

We’ve done all of the hard work, so you don’t have to… Because you’re worth it.

To the numbers, then.

According to Capcom, over 2m copies have been shipped. Bear in mind that is not necessarily ‘sold’ numbers. We’ll have to wait for the February NPD figures for those.

What is more interesting is that there are indications creeping out that the PS3 version of SFIV has outsold the X360 version in the UK to the tune of 53% compared to the X360’s 47%. 

Those may not seem like big figures, but it is worth noting that the install bases for the two consoles are somewhat different. For the PS3 to overtake X360 sales makes for interesting reading. Are we starting to see the step-change in sales we have all been waiting for?

Also worth noting, it has been reported that the all-format sales have taken an interesting twist, with SFIV replacing Wii Fit at the top of the chart (finally).

Did you get SFIV? What are your thoughts on the game? Is it just me, or is Seth insanely hard to beat? In fact, is it just me or is Seth just insane?

Hadouken for the best comment!