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Street Fighter IV – The Visa Card

Submitted by on Thursday, 19 February 20092 Comments

ryucardThe headline could have easily read “Resident Evil 5 – The Visa Card” as well as “Bionic Commando – The Visa Card”, you can choose from any of these major franchises if you decide to sign up for the first ever Capcom Unity Prepaid Visa Card.

Capcom is the first video game company to offer a co-branded Visa rewards card program specifically designed for gamers.

‘Did they just say rewards?’  Yes they did, read on for the juicy bits.

First let’s get one thing clear; this is not a credit card.  It is a user funded prepaid card that works anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted which these days means almost anywhere.  Don’t leave home without it folks, how else will you pay for that latte?  And according to the commercials, people frown upon cold hard cash these days.  Plastic is the way to go if you don’t want to disrupt the perpetual, almost robotic musical number at your local Starsucks.

And now for those oh-so-tempting rewards we were talking about. There are three ways the Capcom Unity Visa card will reward cardholders:

  • Earn points on
    • Get 5 Capcom Unity points for every dollar deposited on the card.  Use your points for auctions and raffles in the site.
  • Earn cash back from online or signature-based purchases
    • Earn one-half percent of cash back from all signature purchases.  Deposit the cash back to your card or purchase discounted gift cards.
  • Earn accelerated rewards through the online ‘Capcom rewards mall’
    • Get accelerated rewards ranging from 0.5% to 20% from over 750 retailers, including iTunes,, and many more.

But wait, there’s more!  You want to be able to jump the line at Capcom events or gatherings?  How about access to Beta tests for new Capcom games?  Does the concept of ‘experiential’ rewards entice you?  Being written into a Capcom game or comic book or possibly even being an extra in a Capcom movie sounds good to you?  Getting a 15% discount at Capcom’s own e-store is your cup of tea?  Then go get the card.  Man, these guys are playing hardball aren’t they?

Good news everyone (under the age of 18)!  One of the best things about being a prepaid card and not a credit card is that almost everyone in North America over the age of 13 can qualify, and with no impact on their credit history to boot.

But if none of the perks of being a cardholder hooked you Capcom has a final trick up its sleeve.  Awesome looking cards.  Check the initial offerings in the gallery below, Capcom will offer be more designs regularly in the near future.

Major geek points if you buy Street Fighter IV, Resident Evil 5 or Bionic Commando with a matching Capcom VISA card.  We may even do something nice for you if you send us photographic evidence.