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Evidence Mounts Towards Existence of Syphon Filter on PS3

Submitted by on Saturday, 14 February 20092 Comments

syphon-filter-logoThough keeping with our tradition of staying rumour free, that’s not to say we can’t present a body of evidence and posit that something is going to happen.

We’re done it before in the past, and though we’re still waiting for that particular seed to blossom, we’re happy to talk about what’s happening behind other closed doors and opine our “learned” judgment on the matter.

The closed doors in question here are those of Sony Bend, and now that Resistance Retribution has been finished, we decided to review recent mounting evidence and postulate that a PS3 Syphon Filter game is on the way.

Read on for why we think you’ll be playing with Gabe again in HD come 2010.

For the uninitiated, Syphon Filter is a series of games that started life on the PS1. Back when Metal Gear Solid was wowing the West with stellar production values and an alternative to simply blasting through enemies, Gabe Logan appeared on the scene to prove that whatever Snake could do, he could do – differently.

Though the game-play focused more on the fire-fighting and less on the tactics, and Syphon Filter’s protagonist was slightly more brash and direct than Metal Gear’s Snake, the Agency’s operative still employed stealth techniques along with a healthy dose of gadgetry to overcome one international crisis after another. Released in 1999 (a full two years before 24 emerged on our screens) there is some resemblance between conflicted yet deadly everyman Jack Bauer and Logan; a man trained to do a job who gets mixed up with a conspiracy way over his pay grade.

Gabe went on to get into a series of global catastrophes surrounding the Syphon Filter (a deadly bio-weapon capable of wiping out entire demographics) with two direct sequels before Syphon Filter: Omega Strain appeared on the newer PS2 and allowed players to offer Gabe a much needed break and create their own character.

Of course, readers may be more familiar with the more recent PSP outtngs, Dark Mirror and Logan’s Shadow; both of which received favourable receptions. Between the aforementioned three PS1 games, the PS2 version and these two PSP offerings (plus the PSN download Combat Ops) Bend have produced seven Syphon Filter games. But why stop there?

Fans of the series have been waiting patiently for any indication that the high-action espionage game would be coming to the PS3. The first portent of such a possibility came from a job posting on Gamasutra’s web-site showing Sony Bend actively looking for a PS3/Xbox 360 Senior Tools Programmer. Though hardly irrefutable proof that any future PS3 games at Bend would be Syphon Filter related, it was a start.

This sliver of suggestion was compounded when our friends at Gamezine ran a story about Robert W. Rose, a developer at the aforementioned studio, talking on his blog about how Cell programmers, those who work closely with the PS3’s complex array of SPUs etc., have the highest egos within the ecosystem of game software engineering.

Once again, still no mention of Syphon Filter and, considering Bend have yet to announce what their next game after Resistance Retribution is going to be, it’s no giant leap to think that they would be working on a new PS3 title. Still, such comments at least support the suggestion that the guys at Bend are cutting their teeth on new hardware and moving away from the PSP. Considering their pedigree with Syphon Filter games, it’s no great stretch to join the dots here.

The last piece of the puzzle, and probably the most testifying considering there is at least a tangible reference to the actual existence of a new Syphon Filter game,  is PCBProductions’ recent listing where, amongst the many games they’ve worked on – plain as day – they state that they’ve been credited with “facial mo-cap” for “Syphon Filter 5” on the PS3 for Sony Bend.

Now, we admit that the numbering is a tad baffling considering there have been more than five games in the series so far but, technically, you could argue that The Omega Strain doesn’t really count considering Logan’s back-seat in the story. And Combat Ops is hardly a Gabe Logan adventure at all, more a level builder. So, this could all fit together nicely.

The largest indicator however that a PS3 Syphon Filter will happen is, of course, economics. The series has been immensely popular on three Sony platforms up until now so it’s almost common sense that Sony would want to continue with the series into the next generation of gaming. Gabe is a likable character, SOE’s The Agency is about to whet people’s appetite for spy-based action and, with the PS3 really coming into its own with games such as Metal Gear Solid 4, Killzone 2 and God of War III, maybe the powers that be were simply waiting for Bend to finish up another big franchise and then return to familiar ground with all barrels blazing.

What say you? Are you looking forward to a new Syphon Filter escapade? Do you think it will be on the PS3 or will Bend stick to the PSP? Let us know in the comments.