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TedTheDog responds to “Anti-Europe” campaign

Submitted by on Monday, 16 February 2009No Comment

Home The writers of PS3 Attitude are scattered across the electric frontier like lost souls in the ether, dedicated and committed to delivering you a global and impartial view of the entire PS3 Sony-scape.

That said, you may have noticed that there is distinctive European flavour in our content, easily explained when you take into account that 70% of us reside in the Old World.

So, we hope this explains the disproportionate amount of “Sony Hates Europe” diatribes peppered throughout our daily articles.

That said, the fact is – we know Sony doesn’t hate Europe as we recognise the difficulties that comes from  localisation, language and an approval process that is exacerbated by the fact that there are so many countries involved etc.

We’re not the only ones aware of SCEE’s challenges however as Home Manager TedTheDog has also taken it upon himself to set the record straight regarding the almost daily outbursts from European Home fans complaining about the lack of EU content.

Check after the calm-inducing jump for more details.

In response to a post by “guyvernoid22” where the plucky commenter asks:

“You guys have been very quite[sic] in terms of what’s to come I know you must be busy and I know there is just somethings that are not confirmed yet on paper, which cannot be answered but! What can you tell us that’s new to come?”

TedTheDog, obviously standing off-stage and watching the invectives build, ultimately responds:

Calm please, calm. Man you guys get angry quickly.

Yes, I’m working on getting approvals to mention all the new things coming and planned, or as many of them as I can. There’s an awful lot of it and I can’t just assume the teams and businesses involved are happy for me to “out them” yet.

The entire response from Ted is quite enlightening (especially if you’re a European gamer) and we recommend you check it out and the ensuant replies.

If you want the abridged version however (and in snappy bullet-point format no less):

  • There are quite a few games currently about to get in-game launching. Some of them require patches to said games with the studios involved working away on the feature. Therefore Ted can not “in effect, […] announce a patch to their game.”
  • Same goes for game spaces and new content. Lots of companies are working with Sony and hence Ted can not let the cat out of the bag as he assumes (and rightly so) that these companies wish to reveal such endeavours on their own terms.
  • Prior to contrary belief, it does not take twenty minutes to create a new t-shirt. With the necessary localisation, testing, legal issues etc., the process actually “can take a couple of months all told, from design to someone wearing it in Home.”
  • Tantalisingly, Ted mentions that there is “of course […] the stuff we don’t want to tell you about, we want to surprise you.”

If this doesn’t placate you in any way, and you’re still disappointed with how SCEE is communicating with its consumers, never fret as Ted’s also not completely content with the situation. He says:

Please don’t read into that we’re happy where we are either. We also want more, we want better and we want more frequent too. We’re going to bring you a lot more spaces in the coming months, new apartments, a lot more Game Launching support, far more clothing, more games, more furntiure, more tools & features for clubs and more tools and features for the general client. We’re also looking at various ways of providing ways for language groups to get together without segregating the EU community. Oh, and we’ve got an update to Home Square coming as well. Theres a lot on the way and I’ll try and get a more specific list together for you. We do know some of you want everything now, its not going to happen, but over time you’ll find Home to be more than you thought it could be.

Will the above assurances keep those who feel that Europe continues to get a raw deal from Sony at bay? Probably not – but at least SCEE are aware of the issue. Now let’s just hope they fix it.

Source (alt-source: TheSixthAxis)