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Construed infiltrates The Agency – interviews Matt Staroscik

Submitted by on Friday, 13 February 2009No Comment

agency-glassOur (super) friend over at Construed, DM Osbon, has published the second part of his eagerly awaited interview with Matt Staroscik, Game Designer and Lead Writer over at SOE in charge of the spy-themed MMO The Agency.

In the second part of the interview, DM probes into the game’s structure (one persistent world like EvE Online or multiple instances like WoW?) to the balance of Player Vs. Player and Player Vs. Environment.

Of course, the big question is also raised: how are Sony expecting us to pay for the experience?

Read on for more details.

For those of you who missed the first part, Matt previously spoke about the game’s inspirations; from the obvious Bond and Bourne influences and other spy themed movies to his intentions towards a fully fledged “massive” community for the game consisting of such features as chat, friend lists and guilds.

With The Agency’s lead designer also admitting to not being a big fan of the traditional pace of MMOs such as WoW, quoting the grind as “unappealing” in favour of more fast-paced actioners such as Team Fortress 2,  we were eagerly waiting to see how he would respond to such concepts of PVP and DLC.

First up: killing your friends. For you PKing sadists out there, Matt is keen to stress that, though there is a healthy PVP element within the game, it’s not an essential core feature.

Even though PvP is a critical feature for us to nail, PvP is never required in The Agency. We’re going to do our best to lure you in though, with good matchmaking and remorseless gameplay. We’ll also be putting bonuses for the PvE game into PvP spaces—like unlocking side quests. I expect that many of our players will split their time pretty evenly between PvP and PvE, and I’m very optimistic that even people who dislike PvP will have some fun in the arenas anyway.

Some other interesting details emerge in the interview such as the locations that will be adding texture and feel to the game. We’ve already seen Prague pop up in previous footage of the game but where else can we expect to be taking our globe-trotting Martini swillers? Looks like Kiev and Panama City will feature as will Cartagena – though, admittedly, we’re not sure if this is a reference to the port in south-eastern Spain or a similar port in north-western Columbia. We’re betting on the former.

Finally, with complete disregard to his own safety, DM also asks the million dollar question regarding pricing. Will it be subscription based? Or are the rumours of “alternative pricing solutions” being bandied around regarding micro-transactions and advertising a pricing platform Sony are willing to pursue?

Matt’s nebulous answer shouldn’t surprise many:

SOE is very interested in different models than the traditional MMO monthly fee for our next generation of games. What does that mean for The Agency? I can’t let that out of the bag just yet.

For more information regarding vehicles, DLC frequency and delivery and much more, check out the full interview over at Construed.