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Trophies Mandatory in 2009? – Yeah, well, kinda …

Submitted by on Wednesday, 18 February 20092 Comments

Having more trophies than you're friends means you're better than them - in every wayAs we all perpetually march through time and space and enjoy the second month of the year 2009, you might be thinking: what a great time to be a PS3 fan.

Killzone 2 is coming, the God of War III trailer just had sex with your eyeballs and hey, Trophies are now mandatory since January 1st right? I can pick up some virtual trinkets as I enjoy my favourite games from now on.

Well, we wouldn’t call it terrible news per se, but we would like to bring to your attention some “fine print” that explains why certain titles, released this year and very much after the cut-off point, will be bauble-less.

Read on for some slightly depressing revelations.

While reviewing a copy of Shellshock2: Blood Trails, PSU noticed something distinctly missing (no, not a fantastic and enthralling game-play experience, though apparently that’s also MIA from the game if you read their review) – no trophies. Not a glimmer of the elusive rewards are to be found within the game.

After they contacted SCE, it appears that the “Trophies are mandatory” mantra has a certain caveat attached. The actual term states that a game that is certified after January 1st 2009 must contain trophies and, as Shellshock 2: Blood Trails was certified back in June 2008, the inclusion of trophies was at the discretion of the developer. A developer who, obviously in this case, said “We’re good, no trophies needed here thank you.”

So, we’re afraid you’re totally out of luck if you were thinking of picking up the game purely for a run-through and trophy hunt.

What other games have been certified pre-2009 and could therefore turn up missing that melodic chime after you’ve just performed a particular mundane task over and over for two hours in the vain hope of receiving some trophy-loot?

That’s a fantastic question. One we’re looking into right now.