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North American PS Store Update – February 19th (Noby Noby Whaa? Edition)

Submitted by on Thursday, 19 February 2009No Comment

North American PlayStation Network

Not even its creator can explain it; he only wants you to play it.  At $4.99 how can you say no Noby Noby Boy?  Except for the first two letters in ‘noby’; we can’t.  Zuma is another game that we could recommend, at least the demo.  We know of a certain PS3A Staff Writer that sneaks a round or two with the PC version.  Speaking of demos, the foul mouthed Afro Samurai has a demo for you (we wonder if it was toned down for the demo).  The legends are in Paradise; go get your favorite one or all four (you know you want to).  Your Guitar Rock Hero Band DLC is here despite someone forgetting to tell you it was coming (sorry).

Get yours while they last, full details after the break.

Downloadable Games

  • Noby Noby Boy ($4.99)
  • Zuma ($9.99)

Game Demos (free)

  • Afro Samurai Demo
  • Zuma Demo

Add-on Game Content

  • LittleBigPlanet WipeOut Mini-Pack ($2.99)
  • High Velocity Bowling: Patches Pack Two (free)
  • Street Fighter IV Brawler Costume Pack ($3.99)
  • Skate 2 Dyrdek’s Fantasy Plaza Pack ($4.99)
  • NARUTO: Ultimate Ninja STORM Pack 9 (free)
  • Mirror’s Edge Pure Time Trials Map Pack ($9.99)

Burnout Paradise

  • Burnout Paradise Time Savers Pack ($4.99)
  • Carson GT Nighthawk ($1.99)
  • Hunter Calvary Bootlegger ($1.99)
  • Hunter Manhattan Spirit ($1.99)
  • Jansen 88 Special ($3.99)
  • Burnout Paradise Legendary Cars Collection ($7.99)

Rock Band

  • “Wasted Again” – Turbonegro ($1.99)
  • “Black Sunshine” – White Zombie ($1.99)
  • “More Human Than Human” – White Zombie ($1.99)

Guitar Hero World Tour

  • “Jet” by Wings ($1.99)
  • “Junior’s Farm” by Wings ($1.99)
  • “Hi, Hi, Hi” by Wings ($1.99)
  • Wings Track Pack ($5.49)

Game Videos (free)

  • Killzone 2 first look
  • MLB 09 The Show – Mets Stadium
  • MLB 09 The Show – PS3 Trailer
  • MLB 09 The Show – Road to The Show
  • MLB 09 The Show – Yankees Stadium
  • LUMINES Supernova Trailer
  • FIFA 09 Ultimate Team Intro Video
  • Red Alert 3: Ultimate Edition Trailer
  • Resident Evil 5 Trailer 2009
  • Watchmen: The End is Nigh Video
  • Mount Snow Freeskiing Thrills
  • Mount Snow Recap
  • Mt Snow Snowboarding Highlights
  • PK Hunder and JF Houle
  • PS Pro Moments – Mount Snow
  • Scotty Lago
  • SNB Slope SLOMO
  • Style in SNB Pipe

TV, Movie, and Blu-ray Trailers (free)

  • GameTrailersTV: PlayStation Network Announcement
  • Frozen River Trailer
  • Quarantine Trailer
  • Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist Trailer

PS3 Themes (free)

  • Zuma Theme
  • LocoRoco 2

PS3 Wallpaper (free)

  • Watchmen: The End if Nigh Wallpaper (x2)
  • Red Alert 3: Ultimate Edition Tsunami Tank
  • Red Alert 3: Ultimate Edition Apocalypse Tank Wallpaper
  • Red Alert 3: Ultimate Edition Cryocopter Wallpaper