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Warhawk Price Cut and Game Space details

Submitted by on Friday, 27 February 20093 Comments

Death from above now comes at a cheaper priceThe guys over at Sony appear to have been studying up on their macroeconomics.

Understanding that in conjunction with releasing the new Warhawk Game Space, with its fetching decor and fancy Sand Table for collective strategy formation, now might be a good time to drop the price of Warhawk itself as an incentive for everyone to give the new feature a shot. And hey presto! They’ve done just that.

Check after the break for some more details posted on the PS blog about the price cut and just what Dylan Jobe, studio director at Incognito, has planned for the future integration between game and (game) space.

The “War Map” or “Sand Table” (or whatever we’re calling it these days) is an interesting concept as it allows players to scheme and construct complex stratagems for upcoming sorties. It’s also about as insecure as a Hollywood starlet however, considering any inquisitive fool can just walk up and look at your intricate military masterpiece in progress. Don’t be surprised if, during your planning and frantic cigar chomping, random people will walk up to your table and offer such advice as: “You’re doing it all wrong Rommel!”

Dylan has promised however that the more dedicated of Warhawk commanders will be able to avail of “private war rooms” (for a price of course) in the near future. He also mentions that it’s technically possible to import the “Sand Table data” straight into the Warhawk game and this area is something they are actively looking into. Such a feature will be handy for players, allowing them to view designated way-points, targets and other exciting items of interest when actually playing out a recent strategy. Amongst other things.

Regarding the price drop, the blog states that the game has been slashed by $10 to a new enticing price of $19.99 for two weeks. The price goes back to $29.99 after March 11 so get your rocket-powered skates on. Individual Warhawk Booster packs are also cut to $4.99 with the Booster Combo (all three individual packs) now at the bargain price of $9.99.

No news on price cuts outside of the US at the moment but you know we’ll be pestering them for information. We have a direct line to Mr. Jobe and have been bothering him incessantly of late. (Sorry Dylan, we know you’re busy with your new game. *cough* Warhawk 2 *cough*).

Stay tuned.