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Atari’s online vision detailed in Revolution Magazine

Submitted by on Saturday, 28 March 2009No Comment

atariIn the April 2009 edition of Revolution Magazine, a publication dedicated to delivering the latest news and coverage within the online marketing sector, Kunal Dutta explores Atari’s rebirth and their vision for online gaming.

With Atari having recently sold off their distribution arm, the former goliath behind the likes of Pong, Space Invaders and Asteroids are moving quickly towards a fully online business model.

In the article Atari’s UK head of marketing, David Miller, explains their recent shift:

“There is a vision for Atari to create console-quality games that you can play inside a browser. The UK is a very active retail market, but you are gradually going to see more migration online, spurred by the likes of Xbox Live and PlayStation Network.”

The article goes on to discuss in-game advertising and whether, in the future, all gaming will be online (or delivered online). Certainly the recent launch of OnLive’s ‘cloud gaming’ business – or a games version of the Citrix Terminal Server, as we like to think of it here at PS3 Attitude – and the success of online games distribution through the PSN are indicators of this possibility.

Rumours of super-high-speed broadband services coming in the next few months and sub-100 pound/dollar/euro terabyte disk drives also give us useful indicators as to the possibility of a fully online gaming world. Although as Miller points out in Revolution, “the routes to [retail supplied] content will invariably remain”.

We believe Miller is certainly correct for now. Futurists are always quick to point out that real change, the kind that everyone has access to and are involved in, takes around 30 years to develop. For those of us on the bleeding edge though – and that could arguably include 58% of PS3 owners who have taken their console online – total non-retail distribution may be a matter of waiting for a fast enough connection and a large enough HDD.

The April 2009 edition of Revolution is available in newsagents soon, or you can subscribe to the magazine to get it early each month…