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Batman Arkham Aslyum Collector’s Edition Will Cost You $100!

Submitted by on Friday, 13 March 20098 Comments


Holy haberdashery, Batman! $100 for a collector’s edition and it is not related to Resident Evil, Killzone 2, or any of the other much anticipated games of 2009? Speaking of Killzone 2, was there even a collector’s edition? Where’s my Helghan mask and helmet?

GameStop have recently updated their website with the latest information regarding what you’ll be receiving with your $100 investment, aside from the game of course.

Included in the collector’s edition is the following:

  • 12″ Batarang
  • DC Encyclopedia
  • DLC Pack 1
  • Bonus DVD with Behind the Scenes feature, & Soundtrack

Okay, so a 12″ Batarang and DC Encyclopedia sound nice but unfortunately we don’t have any pictures yet. And they can be deceiving as well (looks at extremely tiny Chris Redfield figurine from the RE5 CE). So, will you be dropping the big bucks on this or will you just buy the regular edition? Are you even buying the game at all? Let us know in the comments!