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Batman goes all Snake like in first glimpse of Arkham Asylum game-play

Submitted by on Friday, 27 March 20096 Comments

Do I look like a cop?The guys over at Joystiq have managed to bag an exclusive look at some actual game-play of upcoming Dark Knight outing “Batman: Arkham Asylum”.

Prior to today we’ve only been treated to some moody screen-shots of the Caped Crusader as he plays out The Joker’s cruel game of cat and mouse inside Gotham’s notorious loony bin.

Now, however, we finally get a chance to witness Mr. Wayne’s alter-ego in live action, and we have to say, we are really liking what Rocksteady have come up with.

Considering most Batman games focus on the vigilante’s brawn and super-hero status, it’s nice to see a different take on what is, essentially, a detective tale. Narrated by Rocksteady’s Sefton Hill, we’re presented with Batman’s unique ability of how to orchestrate the clearing of a room.

Coined “Predator game-play”, the mechanic is exactly what it sounds like. Batman, using his wits, agility and covert skills, not only dispatches the badguys with ease, but also highlights just what it is to embody the very essence of The Bat – unseen, feared, and absolutely deadly.

Check the footage and prepare for some Solid Snake inspired stratagems as Bats manipulates his prey over the course of a level; besting them, not only with his obvious strength, but with his superior intelligence and calculating mind.

We’re officially putting Batman: Arkham Asylum on our “Must Have Now” list.