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Beat The Team; PS3A versus ThreeSpeech Regulars (TSR)

Submitted by on Monday, 23 March 20098 Comments

ps3a-beat-the-teamThe stage was set for our first Beat The Team session of 2009 on Saturday evening.

The game: Killzone 2; a 4-on-4 game in Radec Academy

The challenge: A clan battle with ThreeSpeech Regulars (TSR), who had battled Guerrilla Games two days earlier

The result: read on…

Saturday 21st March at 10:15 GMT will be a landmark moment for PS3 Attitude. Our very first Killzone 2 clan match started at that very moment. Before you say it the answer is ‘yes’, we know we’re a bit late to the party on clan matches. Better late than never, we say.

ThreeSpeech Regulars, headed up by the effervescent E-ROLE, stood between PS3A and our first win. Radec Academy was the battle location; a small map best suited for close-quarters action that always produces some crazy ‘Search & Destroy’ moments.


ThreeSpeech Regulars

Our team included DolphGB, Danny_D, Segerlind and HondaCivicV-TECH, with Phreaky available as a sub/spectator. TSR fielded E-ROLE, RagingWhiskey, fanpages and CartBlanche.

We started with a round of Search & Retrieve. TSR managed to gain an advantage by being first to the transmitter, but we managed to overpower them on their route to the drop point and score first blood. We went on to retrieve three-in-a-row and take the round.

Assassination was next, with PS3A defending DolphGB. Hiding away near the tunnels at the back of the map, DolphGB always had one trick up his sleeve – the boost pill. If they got too close, he would just run away to the other side of the map at super-speed. The tactic worked, following some sterling support by HondaCivicV-TECH and Segerlind.

Next came Search & Destroy with TSR defending. This was the usual madness inside Radec Academy with bullets, grenades and bodies flying everywhere, but we were fortunate enough to be able to complete our mission.

Another round of Assassination, this time with CartBlanche of TSR taking up their role as the VIP with a target on their chest. After a few moments with exchanges in the Search & Destroy area of the map, Danny_D struck the target and CartBlanche was down.

Body Count was a hard fought contest that lasted the full five minutes. Neck-and-neck throughout, PS3A pulled together in the dying moments and managed to pull off the round win.

Capture & Hold was another great round. PS3A managed to gain the central and east regions quickly, but the battle raged in the courtyard and that required the capture of the west ‘library’ to ensure victory. It wasn’t easy, and TSR battled well to keep it, but we managed to pull off round domination in three minutes.

The final Search and Destroy, with PS3A defending our base, was another scramble. PS3A tried hard to fortify the region with turrets but TSR fought well and managed to lay explosives on several locations. It was hard work, but PS3A persevered and we won our first clan match 7-0.

The score doesn’t tell the whole story, since TSR were worthy adversaries and played well.

E-ROLE had this to say about the game:

We really enjoyed ourselves and learned a great deal from the game. Afterwards, we spoke about what we were doing wrong and how we could improve. After some practice we went back Sunday night, took on a very talented clan and beat them.

It wasn’t easy but we learned through new squad structures, communication and practice that we could take on anyone.

We definitely are not perfect, but that is what makes clan games in Killzone 2 so much fun; the fact you have to work as a team in a new multiplayer environment where modes switch constantly.

We asked how TSR did against Guerrilla Games and what they learned from that experience, playing surely what must be the most practised and accomplished clan available. E-ROLE added his thoughts:

First off, can I say they are really nice guys and from the very start of the match you could see how well they worked as a team. They had a plan and they stuck to it; no personal goals were even mentioned. They were a team and a damn good one.

It was fun playing them and would love to challenge them again one day, although their status as the game developers meant we were shaking in our boots – next time we’ve just got to look past that!

We would like to thank TSR for giving us such a great match in Killzone 2. It was great fun, and the result couldn’t have been better for our first match. Needless to say, we’d love a return match!

You can watch a full replay of the match via – in our experience, these replays work best in a ‘light’ browser such as Google Chrome.

Want to take on PS3 Attitude and Beat The Team? We are currently accepting challenges in Killzone 2 – let us know if you are interested in the comments. If you want to be a part of the PS3A clan, tell us that in the comments also and we’ll get in touch.