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Begorah! Free Sackboy Leprechaun Costume Today

Submitted by on Thursday, 12 March 20092 Comments

SackOBoyWith St. Patrick’s Day fast approaching (it’s next Tuesday in case you were wondering), many cities are preparing to dye rivers green, host lavish parades and experience the phenomenon of their inhabitants running around trying to convince other verdantly attired people that they’re Irish.

With this annual event comes a time of almost pandemic drunkenness. The Irish nation in fact annually braces itself for a mass consumption of alcohol akin to the scenario of a rogue and life-ending meteor being located and apparently rocketing across the frigid expanse of space on a collision course directly with Dublin.

It’s nice to see however that some other traits associated with the Irish (friendliness, altruism, comprised mostly of burlap) have permeated the cold and capitalistic hearts over at Sony, and a new free of charge Sackboy costume will be made available to commemorate this annual excuse for debauchery.

The leprechaun costume is currently up on the Japanese store but expect to see it magically appear with assorted gold coins and sharp witticisms on the NA and EU versions later.

Don’t worry, as for those of you who still like to pay to dress your Sackboy, there should be also some paid content today.

Will you be picking up the free content and creating a Sack O’Boy?

Let us know in the comments, to be sure, to be sure.