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Braid not PSN-bound; Jonathan Blow speaks his mind

Submitted by on Tuesday, 3 March 20098 Comments

jonathan_blow_2Just like everyone else, including Jonathan Blow himself, we were most interested to see yet another ‘Braid coming to PSN’ rumour appear at News 4 Gamers (N4G) recently.

As you may know we don’t do speculation here at PS3 Attitude, so we got in touch with Jonathan to get the official word from the developer himself. The short answer – ‘no’.

The full response is much more colourful…

Jonathan was good enough to talk to us when we named Braid as one of the games we would most like to see on the PSN back in September 2008 (you remember; when the site was all dark and moody).

In that article, Jonathan stated:

There is a time-limited exclusivity clause in place that prevents me from going to Sony now, but in the future I could if they are interested. I could do the PSP now, but I am not sure how technically feasible that is and most publishers don’t seem very interested in that, anyway; I guess they think it won’t sell.

Following that statement, we put Braid on our ‘one to watch’ list in case of any real confirmation and carried on with our lives.

The rumour that Braid was PSN-bound has hit the Internet a few times since, but it was this most recent one that caught our attention. We didn’t believe it for a second, but it was worth checking in with Jonathan to hear what he had to say:

Anything new about Braid on PSN is completely unfounded rumor that someone (I first saw it on N4G) pulled out of their ass.  They heard about Hothead doing the Mac port and then decided to guess randomly about what that means for the PS3.  It doesn’t mean anything for the PS3.

I would like it for the game to come to PSN, but this requires some negotiations to happen that haven’t happened yet.  They might happen though.  I would say that if the game were to come to PSN, don’t expect to see it until August or later.  But then again, it might not at all.

Our thanks to Jonathan for his candor and for sparing the time to tell us all, in no uncertain terms, where Braid is in relation to the PS3 right now.