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Can’t get Street Fighter out of your head? Check out these guides

Submitted by on Tuesday, 3 March 2009One Comment

hairdokenWe admit that we have been swept away by a certain title but we still have much love for Street Fighter IV and, judging by our friends list, so do you.  With that in mind we would like to throw some very helpful (or not so helpful depending on your point of view) training documents to make your wins come a lot easier.

Warning: These documents range from the informative to the WTF, but what else would you expect from this writer huh?

First we start with Capcom Europe’s own Anil Das Guptagives with the very informative instructional video above, titled Lesson 1 – Tips and Tricks for Street Fighter IV.  Think of it as the starter kit for SFIV newcomers.  Be sure to check out lesson two, featuring combos and how to chain two moves together…in slow-mo!  Lesson three, advance tricks for Ryu and lesson four, advance tricks for Rufus.  Arcade stick sold separately.

Next we have the extremely well presented Street Fighter IV Training Manual.   Character bios? Check.  Character move sets? Check. Interview with Capcom’s Senior Community Manager Seth Killian? Check.  History of the Street Fighter series? Check.  Awesome artwork in every page to boot? Check and check.  Do yourself a favor and read it already.

And now for something completely different.  Apparently a lot of you are playing with Ken online, and that’s ok.  We are here to help you rack up those wins with style.  Behold, the how to play a scrubby Ken flowchart:


I've actually seen this in motion and it always works sometimes.

But we have left the best for last.  My main man Dan the … man is not one to be left out.  Even the Street Fighter IV Training Manual acknowledges how great he is.  He’s pretty great you know?


They stole my game plan...

So were these of any help?  Let us know by beating us online or leaving a comment.  Try a comment first; we may be too busy playing another game.