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Design a gun for Ratchet, get it included in A Crack in Time

Submitted by on Saturday, 28 March 2009No Comment

War, war, war, what is it good for?Budding gun and game design enthusiasts should take special notice of Insomniac’s new Weapons Contest mentioned over at the official PS blog.

The premise is simple.

Design a fresh and exciting new weapon that you believe absolutely must be part of Ratchet’s arsenal in his next adventure through time and, not only will they make a life sized replica of the piece, the winning contestant will also enjoy a a place in gaming history with their weapon actually featuring in A Crack in Time.

You’ll be wanting some more details no doubt.

Before you rush to find those old blue-print sheets somewhere buried in your garage, Community Manager James Stevenson has come up with a handy guide for helping you on your quest for gaming immortality:

  • Don’t simply take the Morph Ray and have it turn enemies into a new funny animal like green bunnies.
  • Be practical with the visual effects – a gun that fills the
    screen with a thousand flaming rockets will be hard to implement.
  • We are looking for innovation, humor, and fun factor – not just total destruction.
  • Make sure you take a look at previous Ratchet games so you don’t copy an existing weapon.
  • Keep it clean and avoid overly gruesome effects – this game is likely to be rated E for Everyone.
  • Try to stick to a one or two-handed gun or grenade weapon form (though if you have something really cool in mind, share it!)

There’s also a video posted featuring James and his Insomniac buddies Brian Allgeier, Creative Director of the Ratchet & Clank series, Eric Christensen, who is the Weapons Programmer in the series, and Billy Parmenter, head of QA and the guy in charge of making sure all these cool armaments do what they’re supposed to. The guys talk about what their favourite weapons are (and why) with little surprise that the hip-tastic Grooveatron getting more than one mention.

If that wasn’t enough, the winner will also be flown to the San Diego Comic-con where the weapon will be revealed to the public for the first time.

A truly awesome contest we think you’ll agree and one we hope the creative among you out there will enter and surprise us all with some cool and inventive creations.