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EU PlayStation to get Trophy support, news on Playfire

Submitted by on Wednesday, 4 March 20099 Comments

platinum_trophy_closeMusterBuster, a European PlayStation forum moderator has commented on trophy support for the European side of the PlayStation site, following the recent update to the North American site.

He confirms that the update will arrive within the next 10 days, and unlike the North American site, the Portable ID will be updated with trophy support.

the website will soon get lots more PSN functionality. During the next 10 days, an update will go live on the site that will enable you to view your trophy information in your profile and display it in your Portable ID. Plus we’ve got a few more other great new features for you.

He also commented on the recent Playfire update that lets users sync their trophies from PSN to the website by entering your email and password. Answer? Don’t do it!

i’d highly recommend that you do not give it to them.

Since this is coming from someone in Sony, we would advise you to do the same. If you have already entered your PSN details to Playfire, it may be best to change your password ASAP.