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Even More PAIN with Online Multiplayer

Submitted by on Thursday, 19 March 2009One Comment

painSince the release of PAIN way back when the PlayStation 3 was just a little baby, people asked, ‘where was online multiplayer?’ Those people can now be silent as Idol Minds have been hard at work to bring you what you’ve wanted most.

Today (as in right now) you can download the update that will allow you to launch Jarvis with your PSN buddies. Also included is text and voice chat for you trash talkers out there. PlayStation.Blog details two new game modes as part of the upcoming Smack Pack, Darts and Fortress, as well.

In Darts, players will launch their character at a giant sticky billboard with targets. Opponents will have the opportunity to cause distractions to knock you off your flight path. Fortress pits up to four players against each other. Your goal? Destroy everyone else’s guarded fortress while protecting your own.

The Smack Pack looks like a PAINful good time and online multiplayer only makes it better. There have been so many lonely nights lighted only by the glow of the television screen.