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Firmware 2.70 to coincide with Resistance 1.50 patch – UPDATED AGAIN!

Submitted by on Wednesday, 25 March 20092 Comments

You'll be seeing me real soonYesterday we mentioned the small fact of a new patch coming for Resistance 2. Among the welcome trinkets like Super human co-op mode was suggestion of a dual PSN log in ability, something bemoaned as flagrantly missing when the game launched last year.

The issue here surrounds some people’s disappointment of logging in to a friend’s PS3 to avail of some split-screen Chimera killing action but unable to gain experience points as this secondary character. The reason for this shortcoming is due to how the PSN works at identifying users and unfortunately it’s just not possible to have two separate PSN IDs identifiable from one PS3 at the same time.

Until now. With Insomniac claiming the ability to perform this very multiple log in feature coming March 26th with the Resistance 1.50 patch, and the fact that they’ve been waiting for Sony’s firmware to support the enhancement, it’s a safe bet to say that 2.70 is coming tomorrow.

Responding to the R2 update announcement over at Joystiq, we have evidence to support this claim in the form of Insomniac’s James Stevenson’s following comments.

Resistance 2 is the first game to fully log-in two PSN accounts. LBP only logs you in locally, and does not register both accounts as online through PSN. This is a big difference, and what is required for split-screen online co-op with other folks. And it was dependent on a Sony update, hence why it wasn’t in when the game shipped.”

Whether 2.70 appears today or tomorrow remains to be seen, but we’re quietly confident that it’s only a matter of days away. What other updates found within 2.70 is also something that we’re looking forward to seeing.

Afterall, wouldn’t during GDC be a great time to announce some newfangled PS3 features?

UPDATE: It looks like a reason has emerged as to why the interview we posted yesterday between Gamespot and Jake Beagle of Insomniac Games is now unavailable. In the interview, Jake claims that the 1.50 Resistance 2 patch would be released on March 26th. As you would have read above, we’re pretty certain that this patch needs to hit the PSN at the same time as Firmware 2.7 due to Insomniac’s dual PSN log in feature being reliant on Sony adding something to the mix.

Eurogamer are now claiming that the updated firmware will hit in April, suggesting the Resistance 2 patch will now not be released this week. It’s not unusual for release schedules to get scuppered at the last minute and resulting in a short delay so we’re pretty sure that when Jake said the 26th he fully believed this date was accurate. We’re contacting Insomniac now for confirmation.

UPDATE #2 – Posting details about the new R2 patch over at the official PS blog, James Stephenson has poured more craziness to the “will it, won’t it, does it, doesn’t it?” fire by insinuating that those sneaky Sony guys have furtively enhanced your PS3 to support dual PSN concurrent log-in already.This is what we now know for sure.

  1. The dual PSN log-in feature requires an updated firmware release from Sony
  2. The Resistance 2 1.50 patch contains a game mode that relies on this functionality.
  3. 1.50 is definitely coming tomorrow.

Q.E.D.: Firmware 2.7 is a complete mystery (and is due next month) but it appears that 2.6 (or maybe even 2.5) already added the concurrent log-in ability to your PS3.

As James says in the comments section over at the official blog:

I have no info for you on 2.7. The two-log in feature is already supported. The required update from Sony WAS NOT 2.7, and we’ve already had it as we’ve been testing it.

Sorry for the confusion folks.