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Free Realms Not So Free After all

Submitted by on Saturday, 14 March 2009No Comment

Do not accept candy from this manWe applauded SOE when they was announced Free Realms, the MMO squarely marketed at the younger demographic of gamers, would be in fact, free.

Of course, we also knew that there was always a plan in the works to offer those who wished to immerse themselves somewhat further into the game and avail of exclusive quests, items and other assorted dohickeys, could do just that – at a price of course.

Thanks to Massively, we now have the details of just what $4.99 per month gets you these days in an MMO market.

Check after the jump to find out more. Especially if you have kids and are wondering just how much this cornucopia of virtual wares is going to cost you soon enough.

Hey, it’s better than Bratz Dolls.

It’s vital to note that Free Realms, for the most part, is just that: free. Anyone can sign up and play but, just when they’ve got you hooked and you need to impress your friends with a totally rad new accessory, it’s time to pretend you’re not jonesying, tug on Dad’s sleeve and ask for an advance on your allowance. Or admit that you have a problem. Either works.

Here’s the screenshot from that confirms the pricing details of what “Membership” costs.

Youngster could not resist the temptation of gold and mohawks

Fact: youngster can not resist the temptation of gold and/or mohawks

What do you get for this meagre amount? Glad you asked.

  • 5 extra jobs
  • Ranking on Free Realms leaderboards
  • Up to three character slots
  • 400 extra items and quests

For the record, we’re kidding about all the nefarious references to addiction and any inference towards “Evil corporations targeting children’s pocket-money”. We still think that Free Realms is a great venture and could be a positive interactive tool for kids to learn, play and make friends with. We also know that this is the real world where companies need to make money and offset the cost of such endeavours.

We just wish they hadn’t called it “Membership”. What if my daughter doesn’t pay up? Or can’t pay up because Daddy lost his job due to his Killzone 2 addiction? Is she not a member of the club? Is she not allowed to join in the sing-song? Would someone please think of the children!?