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GDC09; Next MGS will have some Western design philosophies – Kojima

Submitted by on Saturday, 28 March 2009No Comment

Raiden - not so effeminate these daysSaying there will be another Metal Gear Solid is like saying night will follow day.

Speaking during his key-note speech at GDC (in Japanese), Kojima-san presented an indepth look at the inner workings of how his design philosophies have sculpted the ethos of Metal Gear Solid and made the “impossible possible.”

After going through slide after slide of the theory behind his Tactical Espionage game, Kojima-san revealed a final simple screen with the words “Mission: The Next MGS” and what looked like Raiden standing in the distance ready for his role call.

Though we have to wait for E3 for the official announcement, did Kojima-san just reveal what we’ve known all along – that Metal Gear Solid 5 is coming? The next question is however, with Kojima looking towards Western design methods for inspiration: just how different will his next offering be?

The differences between Japanese and Western design philosophies are quite stark. While the Japanese design from the ground up, the technology available at the time merely a tool for getting the game made, Western developers tend to focus on the technological advancements that come with faster chips, more polygons and new features etc. and then use this technology as the building blocks for their new game.

These advances in technology as a source of game design inspiration haven’t been lost on Kojima-san however, with the Japanese director stating that he wishes to incorporate elements of Western design methodologies into the next MGS. Exceptionally interesting to note was Kojima-san’s mention of the influx and success of open-world games and how the power of today’s consoles to support this design mechanic has made games such as Grand Theft Auto possible.

Raiden had waited patiently for the old man to die

Raiden had waited patiently for the old man to die

In a traditionally Japanese manner, Kojima was humble enough to admit that he is not versed in these game design ways and, as reported over at Eurogamer, invited developers in attendance to come talk to him after his speech and “challenge” his old school methods of how he makes games. It’s hard to know how serious he was with this offer but Konami are in fact hiring so we wouldn’t be surprised if someone’s idea of how to advance the series from its current format ended up with an invitation to move to Tokyo.

Does this account to an offical MGS5 announcement? Not quite. As those of you who may have read transcripts of the key-note address will attest, Kojima-san has a wicked sense of humour so it’s hard to tell just what was official and what was tongue-in-cheek.

Will we see a “Grand Metal Gear Auto Solid” from Konami sometime in the near future? Could the next MGS be an FPS? We’re not sure, but what we do know is that the next installment will divert from the tried and trusted formula that Kojima-san has relied on for so long.

We guess we’ll just have to wait for E3.