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GDC09; Home to get three new spaces per month

Submitted by on Wednesday, 25 March 20093 Comments

Home ZombiesBig news for Home fans coming out of the GDC today as Jack Buser, US Home Director, has revealed that, from here on in, expect to see no less than three promotional spaces appear in Home each month.

Quoting recent Resident Evil 5 space as having 250,000 visits a week in the US with most people staying more than ten minutes to enjoy the undead ambiance, Buser commented how this level of immersion far exceeds consumers usual tolerance to advertising.

Buser was speaking during Sony’s “Developer opportunities in PlayStation Home” presentation and quoted some impressive stats for the publishers and developers who were no doubt his target audience. Now sporting 5 million inhabitants (up another million since the last census) Buser mentioned that nearly half of these are in North America.

With participation increasing steadily, it’s vital for Home to stay fresh and, though there is no such thing as a guarantee, Buser summed up his confidence of how many new spaces will surface in the future by stating:

“You’ll see about three new spaces launched a month – I’ll be shocked if we ever go under that number, we have so much in the pipeline.”

Buser also teased by claiming that no current space in Home has utilised Sony’s new game space creation tools that are planned to come online for the development community shortly.

Also, it’s interesting to note that the average game space is currently taking developers between four to six months to create. Something we hope the new aforementioned tools and increased familiarity with the service will expedite.

The old bugbear of game launching also came up. Encouraging developers to buy into the interactive concept and suggesting many will consider their games as lacking something almost essential if they didn’t include it, Buser claims:

“Going forward, it’s going to seem like something’s missing if you don’t have it. I can’t stress how important game launching is.”

In our favourite quote from the piece, Buser urges developers and publishers to go for the profit jugular when considering virtual items within Home. Sure, free stuff is possible but why give it away for nothing when you can glean money from the masses with incremental micro-payments?

“We always encourage people to do paid items. Why not make the money? What else can you buy for 49 cents? You can’t even get a cup of coffee. It’s great value for the gamers.”

We’d like to remind Mr. Buser that, though we can’t buy a cup of coffee for €0.49, we can get two lattes for the price of one apartment at Home’s current property prices.