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GDC09; New Games Announced

Submitted by on Tuesday, 24 March 2009No Comment

Strength of the SwordNow that GDC09 is in full swing, expect to see new games coming out of the woodwork.

Only one day has passed and we already have a wealth of new titles to get our heads around with the likes of Ubisoft’s “R.U.S.E”, new studio Ivent Games’ “Strength of the Sword”, Boolat Games’ puzzle platformer “Topatoi” and some more that are so new, they don’t even have titles yet.

If that wasn’t enough, NIS America have also finally announced that Japanese character mash-up RPG Cross Edge will also be coming to the West this May.

Ubisoft showed off Tom Clancy’s R.U.S.E with Dutch site GameCloud currently hosting a trailer which we have dutifully reproduced below. The premise is intriguing though the obvious question of “Do we have to get a Surface table to play this game?” comes to mind.

Would Ubisoft take the risk of producing a tailored peripheral to support the game? We doubt it, though we’re also thinking that this could be compatible with the PlayStation Eye. After all, Augmented Reality is heralded as the next big thing with upcoming EyePet pinning its success on the technology.

We mentioned Cross Edge when completing the Games Database. An interesting concept considering the game merges multiple characters from different Japanese franchises like Disgaea, Darkstalkers and Ar Tonelico, we’re not sure just yet how the Western market will receive properties that are not as popular as they are in Japan.

Then again, there is a dearth of RPGs on the PS3 at the moment so don’t be surprised if this gets lapped up by fans of heroes with multi-coloured hair and huge swords/eyes.

And the games keep on coming with reporting that, while announcing an upgrade to their PhyreEngine, Sony accidently mentioned some upcoming titles that will be using the enhanced technology. Big Ant Studios are working on an unnamed title along with Boolat Games’ puzzle/platformer “Topatoi”. New independent developer Ivent Games will also be using the updated PhyreEngine software in cartoony “Strength of the Sword”. From initial shots over at the official site, things don’t look too impressive just yet though it is early days.

Finally, VectorCell will be producing “The 7th Seal”, another title we know absolutely nothing about. This is the beauty of GDC; games get announced and people start getting interested in titles that they will surely be playing in the coming months/years.

UPDATE: The trailer has been vanishing from servers quicker than you can say “Holy Metrosexual Boat Pushing, Batman!” (given, this only makes sense when you’ve actually seen the trailer).  We’re contacting Ubisoft to see if there’s a reason behind the sudden media blackout. They may also be good enough to provide a new trailer. Watch this space.

UPDATE #2: Thank God for YouTube.