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GDC09; Resistance 2 1.50 patch adds oodles

Submitted by on Tuesday, 24 March 20098 Comments

Prepare to resist, againWe might be transfixed with Killzone 2 at the moment but there is always room in our hearts for some other multiplayer goodness.

With Resistance 2 somewhat neglected around these parts of late, news of new free (and paid for) game content have us itching to square up against the Chimera once again.

Speaking over at Gamespot, lead multiplayer designer Jake Beagle of Insomniac reveals just what the company is planning to unveil at GDC.

Patch 1.50 will include a host of new features. First up is Super human co-op mode which is an augmented version of the standard co-op mode but aimed at the more hardcore of players. There are higher rewards on offer but with an increased difficulty level so noobs need not apply. Especially when you realise that the auto-revive feature is surreptitiously turned off!

Taking player feedback on board, new maps will be more intimate and compact therefore forcing players to rely on strategy and team work rather than brute force.  Bundled together as the Aftermath pack, the new arenas will cost you $5.99 and will hit the PSN this Thursday.

Also available will be new skins with Rachel Parker returning along with another female counterpart. Other new skins include black-ops guys, cloven from the first game and the Chimera Ravager model. These will cost you $0.99 each.

Apart from all this there are also some new improvements to the community functionality with the big news that dual PSN account sign in will soon be available. This will allow users to log in to another PS3 and play split-screen with their friends without missing out on valuable XP.

Check out the interview yourself below.