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[UPDATE] In-Game Voice Chat and Voice Messages ‘in development’

Submitted by on Monday, 23 March 20092 Comments

ps3-headset-1Why is it that quite often some of the best news comes in the form of replies buried in PlayStation Blog posts?

One interesting comment today came from CydoniaX, who is part of the North American Home team.

He replied to a post suggesting that Sony shift their focus away from features people don’t ask for, and instead the ones that PS3 users constantly request. A view that we share here at PS3 Attitude.

The author of the original post suggested PS3 users would benefit from In-game Voice Chat, or the ability to leave Voice Messages, and ‘all title support’ for game launching in Home.

CydoniaX’s response:

All that stuff is still in development, game launching started with Warhawk and should be supported by all future game spaces now. It takes time, but we haven’t forgotten about all the stuff that our users really want!

So whilst this isn’t an out-and-out sign that in-game voice chat and support for all titles within Home’s game launching system are in development, it is a good indication that Sony are developing those features.

We believe that Home would be more widely accepted by the community if Sony released just some of the previously promised features, and launching any game from Home would certainly be one of the more popular.

As always, we welcome your comments…

UPDATE: CydoniaX has cleared things up about his previous comment:

Guys, some clarification seems to be needed on my above comment, apologies for being misleading. I was talking about voice chat for Home in general being worked on, not specifically about voice chat across games or voice messaging on the XMB. I can see how my quick answer was taken as a confirmation on all 3 items, but this is not the case.

So there seems to be a misunderstanding about what appeared to be a ‘confirmation’ for Voice Chat in-game, voice messaging and ‘all title” game launching.

Still, nevermind. There’s still chance that those features are being worked on, only he can’t confirm them at present.