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inFamous Artsy Demo Confirmed?

Submitted by on Friday, 6 March 20095 Comments

infamous_box_shotDemos.  Do they add anticipation for game sales or do they help us weed out the hype from the truth?  Can a bad demo be a good full game?  Can good demo be a bad full game?  Go read this and form your own opinion; take your time, we’ll wait.  You’ll also wait for a demo of Sucker Punch’s inFamous for it has been confirmed today by the always entertaining PlayStation Blog.  Will it be ‘artsy’?  Probably not, but the final cover art was revealed (look left) along with a release date for the full game (click ‘Read the full story’).

PlayStation’s newest urban hero Cole McGrath (glad to see that ‘urban’ is no longer synonymous with ‘black’, at least for now) will come electrify your PS3 June 2009 worldwide (oh Europe, we still love thee).  Although the demo has been confirmed, a date for it has not.  We hope there are no pre-order exclusive demo shenanigans will be in store for people of the North American persuasion or at least geographic location (I’m looking at you Killzone).

There is still more to come from the Sucker Punch crew (did they compete in the ‘streets‘?) this month like a new inFamous trailer next week and other goodies. We ’embiggened’ the cover art below for your delectation.  Do you want it? Do you need it? Let me hear it ladies and gentlemen.


We think his love interests have been reduced to African women named Ororo.