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Killzone 2 Q&A with Guerrilla Games

Submitted by on Wednesday, 11 March 20094 Comments

killzone2logoKillzone 2.  Like it?  Hate it?  Like to hate it?

It may not be readily apparent but we love it.

Early review copies, on time GameFly mailings or bizarrely delayed deliveries are all to blame/thank for our recent gaming addiction boost (like we really needed one).  We love Killzone 2 so much that we want more from our new favorite First Person Shooter in any way, shape or form.

Our latest K2 fix (no relation to the mountain or the District B13 character) comes as a Q&A from the developers themselves, Guerrilla Games.  We had to track them down deep in the jungles of the Amazon region of Colombia; we had full network coverage across the whole trip so it was ok.  That Amsterdam headquarters is a front to confuse ‘the man’.

We talk about lessons learned from Killzone 1 and Killzone: Liberation, the inspiration behind Killzone 2’s Warzone online mode, and even take a challenge from Guerrilla Games.  But what about the elephant in the room (aka the E3 2005 footage)?  Did we dare bring it up?  We’ll make you find out the hard way…

The first Killzone was harshly received by the gaming media (wrongly in our eyes) mainly for not living up to the ‘Halo killer’ hype. How much did that influence the development of Killzone Liberation and Killzone 2?

Fair or not we felt we made a pretty good first game but at the same time realized that there were areas that we could improve. It’s never fun to read harsh critiques about something you’ve worked on with much dedication for several years, but we are not that easily satisfied ourselves either so in the end it works as a motivator to do better. Killzone 1 in many ways defined the universe and rules for any Killzone games, so when we started working on Killzone: Liberation we used Killzone 1 as our primary source for inspiration. For Killzone 2 we did the same thing but now we also looked at what worked well in Liberation, like for example the cover system.

Sorry buddy, you should have used cover.

Who heals the healmen? The ones that use cover, that's who.

We have seen the multiplayer components of many major PS3 games evolve rather quickly into a deeper and more robust gaming experience. What were your influences for Killzone 2’s Warzone multiplayer mode?

We were mostly influenced by our own experiences! Playing Capture the Flag in other games for an hour non-stop just made us realize: “Wouldn’t it be great to mix up different missions into one?” With that in mind, we started thinking about how that could work in gameplay terms and what it would mean for the round in general. It was a formula that seemed to work quite well from the beginning!

What does Killzone 2 multiplayer offer that no one else does?

Killzone 2 offers a very broad and maybe even the most complete package with our multiplayer; bots if you’re new to online FPS games, customizable games that allow you to create your own experience, different types of maps for different types of players, a complete progression system that keeps you interested, a badge system that allows you to choose your own playing style, in-game clan support that allows you to meet up with friends and play competitively against others, tournaments,, battle replays…

Use replay to see if that left turn in Albuquerque really was a good plan.

Use battle replays to see if that left turn at Albuquerque was really a good strategy.

We love Killzone 2 multiplayer, but will we see the Guerrilla Games developers challenging the Killzone fans online sometime in the future?

We have already created our own Guerrilla Games (GG) clan on the servers and over 30 team members are joining. They will be playing often too! And who knows, we might take on one of the clans out there, if they are not too high up the leaderboards that is…  EDITOR’S NOTE: Our very own PS3 Attitude clan is not too high up in the leaderboards (yet) so we might just take you up on that [GG].

The weapons of Killzone have always looked amazing, and now even more so on the PS3. What can you tell us about them to excite the gun nut in all of us?

At the start of the project we brought a weapons expert in with his entire collection of all manner of heavy-duty firearms. We spent the entire day shooting them, studying them, recording their sounds and seeing how they reload. We brought in special photography equipment to be able to get extremely high-resolution images of all the details of the guns, as well as high-speed cameras to capture the muzzle flashes at 2000 frames per second. All of this was used to create our own weapons. But funnily enough, the most exotic weapons in the game, such as the boltgun and the electricity gun were actually put together from old car parts.

These guns?  Well we had a DeLorian and a * laying around and though, what would McGuyver do?

These guns? Well we had an old DeLorean and a Pinto laying around and thought, "What would MacGyver do?"

We have to ask about the E3 2005 footage. Do you feel you met or surpassed the ‘target render’? Is it really relevant?

I think that we got very close to the target render if not even surpassed it in some areas, for example the gun models and pyrotechnics look better in the game. And I believe that it is a great achievement that we managed to transform this movie into a game while retaining all its important features like the intensity, the immersion and the visceral experience as a whole. The trailer has this Hollywood action movie feel to it, and that’s exactly what people say they experience when playing Killzone 2.

And what a great experience Killzone 2 is.  We would like to thank Guerrilla Games for taking the time to answer our questions from such a remote location (and for sharing their secret Malaria vaccine) and SCEE for making it possible.  We would also like to thank Killzone 2 itself for reminding us that social interactions without a Warzone, a headset and an internet connection in between are completely overrated.