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King of Fighters XII site launches; get schooled

Submitted by on Thursday, 26 March 20093 Comments

king-of-fighters-xiiAs another teaser site hits the Internet, this time for The King of Fighters XII, we thought it would be useful to bring you up-to-date on one of the (wrongly) less celebrated fight-em-up franchises available.

You see, this particular member of the PS3 Attitude team has had a bit of a thing for KoF over the years…

King of Fighters was originally designed in 1994 as an arcade title, developed for the Neo Geo MVS board. Over the years it has been ported to a number of different consoles including the slow-loading Neo Geo CD, GameBoy, Saturn, Dreamcast, PlayStation 2 and Xbox.

The characters in KoF come from two prior titles – Fatal Fury and Art of Fighting – plus a few originals. Even these new fighters were really just reworked from other titles, like the brilliant Ikari Warriors that Commodore owners will know and love.

KoF always had some nice features. Some versions allowed you to build a team of three fighters. On beating the game, if you had chosen the right combination of teammates, you would earn an exclusive ending to the story. Think of it as KoF‘s own ‘fatality’, just without the blood and gore.

Like many games trying to keep things fresh with every new instalment, KoF has mixed up the plot and gameplay abilities over the years. They have released versions that have no story at all and toyed with different team sizes, new character rosters and secret unlockables across the nine main versions and the various spin-offs, re-releases and remakes.

King of Fighters has always been a more Japanese title than most. In order to play the early versions of the game, Europeans would have to resort to grabbing US imports of the KoF ’95 title – ’94 was never released outside of the Far East.

In Japan, every KoF game was greeted with the kind of excitement you see now for titles such as Killzone 2, but as the game wasn’t always released in other regions with the same vigour, it was never as popular in Europe or the US.

Recently, Wii owners have been finding out what KoF is all about through the Virtual Console with Fatal Fury: King of Fighters. Now the release of King of Fighters XII is on the horizon, Japan have just witnessed the remake of KoF 2002 on the PlayStation 2 to whet their appetite once more. In addition we hear that a live-action movie is on the way for 2010.

King of Fighters has always been a great game. Like many other similar titles, it is easy to play but extremely rewarding if you can pull off all the right moves. The characters are excellent too, especially the likes of Kyo Kusanagi and Iori Yagami. Our hope is that the brilliance and prowess of these two and the many other fighters in the series are as good to play in King of Fighters XII as they ever were.

The teaser website is available now…