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LittleBigPlanet sequel teased by Media Molecule

Submitted by on Monday, 16 March 20093 Comments

littlebigplanet_2The LittleBigPlanet adventure shows no sign of stopping anytime soon.

Following on from the successful user-generated content platform created for for the PS3, and the PSP iteration coming out later this year, co-founder of Media Molecule Alex Evans has been teasing about the future of the franchise in a recent interview.

He describes the reaction that the game has got:

It’s a quite interesting thing because it was like a magnet. Everyone sort of [joined in] on that thing, then I suddenly saw these people kind of going, ‘Oh my god, far from being tired of LBP, I suddenly see this untapped potential,’

He goes on further to hint at what they have in store for the little Sackboy character:

When it comes back, people won’t be like, ‘Yeah, they just exploited that thing, and it’s really f***ing obvious that they would do that.’ I think LBP is in their future, and hopefully in surprising ways.

We can’t wait to see the prospect of a new genre for LittleBigPlanet. Our prediction is a 3D game, continuing from the theme of user-generated content, players get the chance to design and play worlds in the third-dimension. What are your thoughts? Would that be uber-cool?