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MGS4 trophies? PSN ID for MGO?

Submitted by on Monday, 2 March 20096 Comments

3290110127_5f294d04b0Patience is a virtue they say.

Laziness is a gift however and, if you’re like certain Staff Writers around here at PS3 Attitude who purchased Metal Gear Solid 4 on its launch date only to place it admiringly on a shelf to be ignored for the next eight months, we might have some good news for you.

Trophy patching is an arcane art; somewhat akin to evoking the undead or understanding Danny’s Street Fighter posts. Definitely not as simple as flicking a trophy switch by the developers as some people may wish. Not that this dissuades these people from requesting such updates of course, and when it comes to these requests from fans of a particular popular game, Metal Gear Solid 4 sits proudly at the top of the pile.

Up until now the possibility of MGS4 trophies has been a fallacy; a myth of epic proportions that we could only dream about. This is purely because Konami have categorically stated on numerous occassions in the past that a trophy patch for the game is just not something they are interested in.

However, with the recent SCENE expansion and as more people get into the extending MGS universe, could that all be changing?

Posting over on the official PS blog, Brandon Laurino from Konami Online, while initially wanting to bring some SCENE details to the masses (and we should state that, irrespective of his subsequent comment that we are focusing on, you should check the link anyway for some cool details on the expansion pack), ended up opening the proverbial “trophy/PSN ID” can of worms again.

Responding to a torrent of comments from people, most of which that went a little bit like “WE WANT TROPHIES!” and “Yeah, well, great. But I don’t play this game because of the account access issues”, Brandon reveals the following:

“On the subject of MGS4/MGO trophies and Konami ID – we hear you. We have been circulating these issues internally, and we will report back as soon as we are able.”

Now, is that a dead-on confirmation that trophies for MGS4 are coming? No. But it does seemingly counter the previous communiques coming out of Konami that consistently stated “It’s not going to happen”, so there appears to be at least the possibility in the future.

Trophies are nice and everything but the more interesting element that we find from this response is actually in regards to the Konami ID debacle. As we’re sure you are aware, access into Metal Gear Online is a complex labyrinth of user accounts and devil witchcraft while also requiring the moons of Saturn to be in perfect alignment* before entry is granted.

Despite this opaque and completely user un-friendly mechanism, MGS has ranked up 1 million registered users so many felt that Konami would simply dismiss the many cries for access through the simplistic use of the PSN ID in favour of its perplexing multi-account set up. But, once again, taking Brandon’s comment into consideration, there may be a sea change on the Konami front and the dreaded Konami ID(s) may soon not be the only way to get in.

Can we dream that MGO access may one day be achievable through the simple use of our PSN IDs? Can love bloom on the battlefield? Oh come on, you knew we were going to go there.

*We may have made up the bit about the magic and the moons.